Monday, November 1, 2010


*Halloween was fun.
*Sitting on the floor of Bryan and Cristi's apartment with all of my brothers and their cute wifies and gorging ourselves on sushi and strawberry cheesecake is on of my new favorite pastimes.
* I am so ready to have elections over and done with, I can't even tell you.

* The dog hair in my life is getting overwhelming.
*Our friends' Peter Pan Themed costumes for the whole family are so DARN cute, don't you think?
*I just finished (and loved reading) the second book in the "Hunger Games" series.
Translation: The house is a mess and my boys ate PB&J for dinner.
*This is the cutest Peter Pan ever.
He is perfectly representative of:
1. How much 3 year olds like being put into costumes,
and 2. How much 3 year olds like photo shoots.
*Tennyson is wearing 6-9 month pajamas.
He is 2 and a half months old.
This fact would normally reduce me to tears...
if his chub-a-bub-a-ness wasn't so utterly delightful
(which, it is).
*Isn't this little Tink the cutest thing ever?
*I need to go to the Art Museum more often. I didn't even know it had these gorgeous gardens out back!
*I don't have any more "Ask Lola" questions to answer. (hint, hint)
Remember, all questions must be anonymous and can be left in the comments sections OR in the formspring box at the top, right-hand side of this little blog-a-log.
Kortland is being SO GREAT in school this year. Thank heaven for sweet boys and even sweeter teachers!
Today, I am editing photos, and sharing some thoughts.
What are YOU doing today?
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Life with Kaishon said...

Those are totally the BEST Peter Pan costumes. LOVE them. My sweet Kaish was Peter Pan in 2nd grade. I miss that little kid! : )

I am trying to think of a good Ask Lola question....

Why did Kaish wake up just now as I was getting out of bed at 5:50 when he could sleep in since he doesn't have school? And on school mornings I have to beg and plead to get that kid up. Crazy, right?

Why does everyone and their brother think they should start a photography business just because 7 people say they have lovely pictures on facebook? Why? It really irks me a little.

Why do people OVER edit eyes like crazy. Don't they understand that a little goes a LONG way?

Why do I have to drive to court in center city on this chilly day?

Why did I forget the kitty was playing in the garage and leave her out in the cold all night?

Laurie said...

I agree Peter Pan was the greatest. Of course your husband is great in his nightshirt. Sans pants. Interesting.

Maddy said...

My favorite is the picture of Captain Hook!! Full of personality that little one :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ask Lola,

It seems like you have lots of AMAZING friends!

HOW did you find them?

After working for years and years I recently became a stay at home mom. So I've been trying to expand my group of friends as well as look for potential play dates. It seems like I can't find a girlfriend I would like to spend time with. So far my experiences have been a neighbor that complains about EVERYTHING, a friend of a friend that has NO personality and another that flakes out every time we make plans. Am I being too picky? Can you make a for mommy friends?? HELP!? I feel like a friendless loser :(

Barbaloot said...

Those Halloween pictures are so fun. And the boys look perfectly suited to their costumes:)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

So cute!! You guys look awesome!!

likeschocolate said...

The Anonymous commenter should try looking for mommy friends through a city blog for moms if they have one in her area, she could also try these mommy morning outs that are hosted by local churches. They are a great way to meet other people and hear great advice on rasing children. However, if she only knew when you are LDS you have a built in network of friends all around the globe. Love the photos. Is that museum in Provo? If so never knew it was there. Love, the archetechture of the building.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lola,

There is a part of me that feels like, although I love them, holidays are kinda not fun when you are the Mom. How do you find a good balance between creating good memories for your kids and not being a total psycho hose-beast during the festivities because you are so worn out from preparing & being in charge of said festivities?