Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is it just me...or am I nuts?

A few weeks ago, I posted about this.

And I was all like:

"Kort hopes that our new pet "Manty" is a girl so that she will have babies, but I really, really hope that she's a boy because praying mantises Fa-REAK me out and I don't even want ONE ADULT one to be living in my house, let alone 700 bajillion freaky little baby ones, and I feel like a horror movie is playing out in my dining room in the middle of the night while Manty chomps (and chomps, and chomps) through a grasshopper's bony, exoskeleton-y head (while he is still alive and kicking, no less!) and it just makes me ill, and I can't STAND these creepy-crawly-hard-core-predator-bugs, but I sort of HAVE to "stand" these creepy-crawly-hard-core-predator-bugs because I am a mom of boys, and it is expressly written in the contract of moms of boys (you know the one) that you simply must be able to "stand" all things creepy, crawly, and predatory, but it doesn't mean that I have to like it, and all I'm trying to say is, I really, really, hope that this mantis is a boy, boy, BOY!"

(Yeah, it went something like that.)

{Pictured: Manty and Hopper... well, what was left of him anyway...}

So then, the Kortmeister asks if he can Puh-lease take Manty to class because they were learning about bugs. So off they go to school, and what does Manty do? Why, she lays her egg sack right in front of an entire class of wide-eyed, jaw-dropped second graders. (Guess that Manty is a girl after all. That settles that.)

Kort's dear teacher was eternally's not every day that praying mantis just up and lays seventy some odd eggs (right on schedule) in front of an audience of seven and eight year olds, no less.

Kort was a class hero.
Score one for Manty.
So, Kort comes home positively beaming and proudly shows me what Manty did.

I proceed to freak (on the inside, of course) as visions of teeny tiny little green babies crawling through the slats of the bug habitat, and into every nook and cranny of my house, dance through my head. I run to my computer to google "gestation period for praying mantis eggs" and learn that they won't hatch until spring (phew!). As I read on, I also learn that Miss Manty's days are numbered. It turns out that praying mantises die shortly after laying their eggs.


I break the news to Kort.
He is sad, but in true Kortland fashion comes back at me with:

"Yeah, but we're gonna have 70 new family members next spring!"
(Always lookin' on the "bright" side, that one.)

So, we waited.

Kort would go check on Manty every morning and say:

"Mom, she's still alive!"

Some mornings, when it was really cold, she would get lethargic and seem dead, and Kort would get sad and come and tell me (through a tight, sad little throat) that he thought she was gone. Then I would go and check, and tell him she was alive, and he would get really happy and say something like:

"She's just not ready to leave our family and her babies yet!"

So, he continued to bring home grasshoppers for her.

Every day.

And he talked about the babies to anyone who would listen.

Then, on Wednesday morning, we got Kort up and ready and off to school, and I went into the dining room to check on Manty, and she was gone. She had curled up in the corner of her habitat and quietly passed away. Her little arms were in the classic "praying" position and her head was tilted to one side.

And, um, it took everything I had to keep from BAWLING!


My throat was tight.

I was genuinely sad.

That sweet little creepy-crawly-hard-core-predator-bug done went and broke my poor, unsuspecting heart.

I officially feel like I am taking crazy pills.

The end.

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Tezzie said...

Ok, yeah...a little bit nuts...but it's part of your charm! ;D <3

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no. I am not going to tell you that I am sitting here at my desk CRYING about Manty. : (

Barbaloot said...

Maybe it's a mom thing---I probly would've rejoiced at the loss of a bug:)

Just SO said...

I'm sure that some of Kort's love for the bug rubbed off onto your heart. Not nuts at all.

Karen Deborah said...

Naw your not nuts because of a bug it's all the other stuff. You know those insects really are cool and they are great to have in your back yard. You felt sad for you firstborn because that was the end of his little friend.

Hermit crabs are cute "insect" pets. They have painted shells to wear and can learn to ride in your pockets. Maybe he would like one of those.

You are a sweet mom.

Kierstin said...

You are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs today :)

Jen Nelson said...

The thought of all those little praying mantises made me all gaggy. Then I got all laughy. I heart you!

I'm pretty good with bugs. But I need to get better apparently! Lol!

Anita Johnson said...

You are not nuts. We had a praying mantis named lived until mid March. I'm embarrased to say I grew rather fond of it and even went to the bait store to get it grubs when the winter came.(yes, buying bugs for a bug to eat) I have a picture of Wally and hundreds of his siblings that hatched IN MY KITCHEN when my husband brought home the mantis egg case. I'd be happy to email you a picture of that!

☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

jejejeje nuts yeah maybe but hey that's part of being a mami, right?

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Maddy said...

You're not crazy! You just witnessed the "circle of life" first hand! Not only that, you bonded with Kort over this experience. Poor Manty, but her legancy will live on through her gazillion eggs ;o)

Wanda said...

Gee....sorry...but I keep hearing these chorkles coming's me! (And at your expense, no less.)

Fantastic post Lola. What a fun house you live in.

"Miss Kris" said...

You're not nuts, you're just a good mom. Although, I do admit that that is just plain nasty. Um... what about her sack o' babies? I really wish you luck with that one 'cause...ya know...

trevandjules said...

You are SO cute! Not gonna lie, Jen and i are on the same page of that praying mantis making me gaggy. LOVE YOU! You're a great mom!

likeschocolate said...

Don't you know that the females eat the males. Now isn't that sexy. Not! Last spring I had some friends over for lunch and we sat down at our patio table and the next thing we know we are being covered with praying mantis babies. YucK!

Buckeroomama said...

I think you're a pretty cool mom to even have a praying mantis around!