Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trout Rodeo, here we come!

Words pretty much can't even express how excited Kort is about the Trout Rodeo that's coming up this weekend... just, yay!!!! This is a pic of him at the "rodeo" last year. Isn't he yummy? Oi. Be still my heart. By the way, his lip has been healing SO NICELY. We are really happy and grateful that it has turned out so well. Now we just have to keep the new scar tissue COMPLETELY out of the sun for the next year. (Wha? that is no small task with a boy as active as this one, but he has been an absolute PEACH about putting on sunscreen and wearing hats non-stop...which also doesn't hurt, you know...since he chopped off a chunk of his hair - right in the front - at the neighbor's 2 weeks ago and I am refusing to buzz-cut it, because I just can't stand those darn buzz cuts...) Man, good thing I love that crazy kid. He sure keeps me on my toes!


Formerly known as Frau said...

he is a cutie....soon double the cuteness will be in the house!

Jen Nelson said...

I'm glad his lip is healing nicely!

I'm so sad we aren't going down this weekend :( I know you'll take lots of pictures! I NEED to come see you soon!


Blackwell said...

Woot Woot! Yay for fish! ;) ...can't wait for this weekend. Too bad my son is kind of a pansy and won't touch a fish to save his life! lol..we will cheer Kort on!

aaaand I just peed a little from excitement at how far along you are 2, 80% that's the best cervical news I've heard all week! :D