Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My cute sis-in-law is going to college. (Yes, even right as we speak. Even in the middle of the summer...bless her ambitious, un-lazy, studious little heart.) And she needs my help and your help with a project for one of her classes. But let's be honest. For people like me, this isn't really "doing someone a favor" so much as "doing something that I really, really love to do"...which is give my opinion (yay!) or lots of opinions (as the case may be) on a topic, or feeling, rather, that EVERYONE has experienced at one point or another.

She needs AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to "like" her group on facebook and then weigh in on the conversation. The question at hand?

Envy: What things can someone do on FACEBOOK to make you jealous?

I'll go first.

1. When I was dealing with infertility, I always felt a little "ping" when someone announced the gender of their womb nugget, or announced their pregnancy, or posted pictures where they are holding a delicious little newborn in their hospital bed...
NOW, does that mean that people shouldn't post those things?


We cannot go through our lives stifling (rather than celebrating) every joyful moment we experience for fear that we will be pouring salt in the wound of someone who doesn't have the same blessings we have. I firmly believe that we should live our lives completely free of guilty feelings associated with ANY gift that God has given us. (This includes talents, beauty, goodness, awesome spouses, craploads of fat, healthy name it!) It is contrary to everything that our maker would want for us. Just because others don't have those things yet, it doesn't mean that they are "less-than" or in need of some sort of personal improvement on a grand scale before they, too, will be worthy of such lovely blessings. Life is just life. It's not fair, but can always be beautiful if we let it be.

So, while I felt a little "ping" of jealousy, I didn't have to let it consume me (though, on some days, I did just that...but again, I MADE THAT CHOICE and I was fully capable of making a new, different, or better choice the next day...and the next.)

2. Great photography. I'm not gonna lie. When people have wicked-awesome photog skills, I am envious. And that's okay. I think you should associate with people who you think are the shiz...cause I fully believe that is how get better yourself. But I have to say - I am left SEETHING with JEALOUSY after going through a facebook album of b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l photos that one of my friends took of her own kids and babies...oh, I wish I had an OUNCE of some of their skill and talent for "seeing," for controlling the techinical aspects of very complicated cameras, and also for harnessing light.

3. One thing that does NOT make me envious, however, is when girls post ultra "sexy" half naked booty/cleavage/bikini shots of themselves (, none of my fb friends do, but they're out there...). I cannot seem to set aside my overwhelming feelings of sorrow for their loss (or non-existence) of self-esteem long enough to feel jealous of their glorious (and admittedly cellulite free) booties. It is seriously SO SAD to me! I want to shake them and say "Wake up! It's sooo not about that!"
ALL WOMEN have so much more to offer than their overt sexuality.
All. of. them.
Unfortunately, society and the media have fooled a lot of us into thinking it is the ONLY thing we have to offer.

So, to those girls, I just have to say. When someone seemingly "hates" on you for posting uber-nasty and degrading pictures of yourself...they actually aren't jealous, as much as you'd like to think so.

They are just sad for you. And they are also a little offended as women in general that you still don't "get it." But that's okay. Hopefully someday you will.

There. That wasn't so hard, was it? Now it's your turn! Feel free to share on here as well, but DEFINITELY do my cute sis-in-law "a solid" and go and join the discussion on her message board! (the hubs just cringed as I read this aloud to him and said "Please don't use the phrase: 'A solid.'" Man, I love him... always watching out for me and trying to help keep me from sounding like a drunken frat boy most of the time. What would I do without him?)

Click on this link and share what you think.
(awesome rhyme... totally unintentional.)
*You can share your own list of things that make you envious.
*You can share your views on how/why you don't allow the actions of others to make you envious.
*You can point and laugh at other people for baring their poor little insecure souls...whatever floats your boat. (okay, not really that last one so much, since I know that my readers are way above that sort of thing... ;)

Don't be shy.
She needs as much feedback as possible for this project to be a success.
No one is going to say: "Hey! I don't know you! What are you doing in here?"
We're just going to say - "Thanks for stopping by and weighing in! Yay you!"
(And who doesn't love a "yay you" every now and then?)

I'd consider it a personal favor.



imemary said...

For you, anything.

Jen Nelson said...

I'm jealous of people that have a facebook :(