Thursday, May 13, 2010

glucose test update II

I passed my three hour glucose screening test thing.
All four markers - pass. pass. pass. pass.
This made me very relieved.
And a little bit angry.
Why would I FAIL my 1 hour,
and then PASS all four draws during my 3 hour?
But there it is.
And yes, I am more grateful and happy than I am angry...
but still.
We can't get a more accurate 1 hour test?
It doesn't make any sense.

On the bright side, the hubs was an amazing support to me during the 3 hour test, and the girl working at the lab was about as friendly/awesome/cute/fun as they come. She stuck me with a needle four different times and I just walked away thinking "Isn't she the greatest?" So, there's that. We were also allowed to leave in between the one hour draws and this helped immensely with helping the time pass quickly. I love the hubs so much. He took me book shopping, and fabric (for the nursery) shopping, and by the second hour, when I couldn't stand up without blacking out, he simply ran all our errands for me while I slept in the warm, plush, blue-velvet interiors of the pedi-van. What a guy. It literally made the whole thing more than a little bearable and I honestly don't think I'd trade it. Not even for a needle free day at home. It just served as yet another reminder that he really is going to be there for me in sickness and in health - through it all. Everything. And that's a really comforting feeling, you know? Especially when you're as weak and wretched as I have been the last few months! It's nice to know that my value isn't being measured by what I can DO or OFFER, but instead, is based on who I am inherently. Just love that man of mine. (And I am so grateful that the test came back okay. I REALLY didn't think it was going to!)

And again, (and again and again) thank you for your kind words and all of the totally helpful/comforting information. Knowing what some of my options were, and hearing how "okay" and even "great" so many of your pregnancies were despite a diagnosis of GD was SO helpful and helped me take it easy until the verdict was in. So thanks. (Like, very, very, much.)


Frau said...

Woot Woot!! Great news!

Tristan said...

I don't know why that first test gives so many false positives. But congratulations!!! So glad you passed. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Laura said...

So happy the news was good! Did they prescribe anything for the anemia or just tell you to eat more iron rich foods? Hope you get feeling better/less tired very soon!

The Hubs said...

Hello, It's me the Hubs! I just got back from walking on water and Flying. Oh wait, the Wife didn't tell all of you that I can fly?!! WOW... 1st of all I am not as Great (as Laura always says), but I try:) OK I can't fly, I know it's hard to hear but there it is:( I don't want to become the "Edward" of the Blog world and have all the women that read My Lola's Letters think, "WOW! I wish my Hubs would be like that and Fly and whatnot". I'm a Normal Man and Hubs. I just Love my Wife and She Loves me. That makes for a good recipe:) That rhymed... unintentional. We just help each other. Here's a thought, treat others (your Spouse) Like you want to be Treated. Don't sit back and Say "Edward would know why I am mad and fix this without me saying or doing anything". Doesn't Work:0 "Oh no you didn't" Yup totally did, I said it. Oh and if I had the time to tell all of you how Great She is, well you would not have time to sit here and read it all for 5 days. It would be longer then the famous Lola Letters "SEX POST" and that is LONG! For this I'll keep it short. She is Great!! The Best!! Number 1!! Numero uno!! Any of you that have met her know what I am talking about. She is always Happy and tries to make everyone around her Happy. It's Hard to be sad when you're in the same room with her. She really lights up a room and my life:) WOW! That sounds cheesy, but it's True! Love you Wife and I will see you Later... Tonight... Because I am working right now and that's when I will see my wife next and that's all I meant by that. Yay!! For Lola and Her Letters!! I'm Out!

Florence said...

Hey, I just happened on to this. Did not know any thing about the "tests"& I am only the grammy. Glad every thing is good so far. All that loving is oh so true. Hope you get this,I am so new most of my stuff does not leave this machine. Love all of you. said...

That's wonderful! It is frustrating that you had to take a 3 hour test when you failed a 1 hr test! Sounds like you're being punished but it's all for the greater good, I assume.
I'm happy for you, though! Lucky you going fabric and book shopping. fun fun fun (and distracting!)
You husband's post is great too.

the Lola Letters said...

Ahhhh ha ha ha!

Oh that Hubs...

I just saw his comment. So sassy.
(and he is such a liar. He TOTALLY wants to be the Edward of the blog world! He told me so. It's his highest aspiration ;) ha ha!

Okay, not so much.

Jeff and Jessie said...

Yea! You passed! Isn't it funny we stress about a test that we really can't study for.
Maybe that is why it is so infuriating.

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Very happy that things went well. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and know that in a few months your house will be full of men.