Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad Neighbors. A lil' walk down memory lane.

A good friend of mine (Sarah) over at communal global shared a post about "good neighbors" and it sparked a fantastic memory for me. She was talking about how she currently had a "Mr. Wilson" neighbor, and it made me think about how we once had a "Dennis the Menace" neighbor, and I thought I would take a moment to reminisce...

{I also thought I'd share a few shots of my own lil' Dennis the Menace" - cause I'm certainly not saying I don't have one myself!}
We had our very own (very mischievous) little Dennis the Menace neighbor boy when we were first married and living in our Provo neighborhood. He was 5 years old, blond as the day is long, and more trouble that any of us could ever quite comprehend!
Once, when our friend stopped by to pay us a visit in the middle of the summer, he parked in our driveway and left his windows rolled all the way down to keep the interior of his car below 200 degrees. Well, when he was headed out, we walked onto the porch to see him off and found "Dennis" in his yard, spraying water from a garden hose directly into our friends' car! Like, full-on filling up his, making himself a little swimming pool in the passenger seat. Like, BAD!
Our friend, who is HUGE btw, ran up to the car waving and screaming and said "Stop it! What do you think you are doing?!" Dennis looked up, startled for a moment...but ONLY a moment. He then smirked the kind of smirk that only the devil could inspire, and turned the hose on our friend! Yep, a 30 pound, half-naked toe-head of a boy sprayed a 250 pound stranger with a garden hose. Right in the face. That kid had tiny, little you-know-whats of steel, I'll tell you what! Whoa.
We were in shock.
Dennis had what the hubs and I like to call a "Prozac mom" who was too busy living in a state of chemically induced happiness to whip her ca-razy kids (Yes, I said kidS. Plural. Unfortunately, there was more than one) into shape. And honestly, to be fair, who WOULDN'T need Prozac with a kid like that, right?! Sheesh.

And yes, we did tell her what he'd done. And no, she didn't do anything about it. Well, maybe a time out, but let's be honest, we were looking for something more along the lines of a severe beating followed by 6 consecutive weeks of slave labor to pay the cost of the damage to the car's interior... You know, something more like that.
Good times.
Just thought I'd share.
Have any of you had crazy neighbor experiences?
(Ha! Is that even a question?!)
Do tell!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That is awful! I was horrified just reading about it. Your poor friend. I am sure we've had neighbors who've annoyed us but yours takes the cake!

Malolo Family said...

yep!!! We have one of those as we speak, that is how my lovely little Tejia's hair got all chopped off! A female "Dennis" though!

Leslie said...

When we moved to a new house there were some things in the basement that we had to clean out. We made a nice little pile next to our garbage can so we could set it out on garbage day. The next day when I took a sack out to the can 3/4 of the stuff from the basement was gone. Hmmm where did it go, it was just junk. Then I get a phone call from the 85+ year old lady across the street. She had called her daughter who came over and claimed the old desk. Then she called the neighbor who came over and claimed the chair with 3 legs. Then her grandson came over and claimed the rusted weight bench. All of this happened after I had left the house. Over the last 3 years we have had a lot of "garbage" stolen by the old lady across the street!

Life with Kaishon said...

I loved your comment on Sarah's post so much I had to come over and read about your own adventures with a 'Dennis' We don't have any Dennis' but we do have a kid that I swear is an Eddie Haskell. He always talks the kids into doing the worst things and then he acts so innocent. Silly sixth grader!

Heather said...

That is a great story! Wow, what a menace indeed. Thanks for a great laugh- I know it's not funny for your friend, but it's just so unbelievable!