Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WARNING: Not a particularly pleasant post...or maybe it is... or... maybe it's a bit of both...but consider yourself warned...kay?

Dear Chilis Southwestern Eggrolls,


You were so ridiculously delicious last Saturday when my hungry body was inhaling you by the half-dozen. Tangy, and sassy, and creamy-dippy, and, well... very Southwestern...

But you weren't nearly so much fun coming back out. Your sassy spices burned my throat, and at one point I was fairly certain I was going to d.i.e. Turns out that Baby Bob is not a fan... so, I'm going to go ahead and keep my distance, being that he and I are sort of connected at the belly at the moment. You know, purely out of respect for BB.

I do hope you'll understand.

with love,

Dear Chili Cheese Fritos,
Call me...
(I won't tell Bella if you don't...!)

keepin' it on the DL,

Dear Hubs,
You know how, when I'm feeling really crappy and sick, and throwing up random stuff like chilis southwestern eggrolls (which is like, way too much these days...) you lay with me in bed and stroke my hair, and tell me how much you love me and how much you love our baby, and we watch old episodes of Arrested Development together, and you don't care about the fact that the dishes are piling up in the sink, and I haven't folded the clean clothes in almost 2 weeks, and I almost never put on make up, and my hair looks like something out of a horror film... and you just love all of me anyways...

You know those times?

Well, that makes me really love you a lot, lot, lot, and more and more. Even when I think it's not possible for me to love you more. (even when you are growing a creep-o-stache in observance of Mustache March...)

Even more than Chili Cheese Fritos. (and that's no small thing...)

All my love,


Sarah said...

I love the last "letter"!

Lindsay said...

Sorry you threw up egg rolls, bummer. But I love 'Baby Bob'...too funny!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get feeling better! I am looking forward to a post regarding The bachelor!

Kristi :)