Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm a lucky girl.

"Mustache March" is officially in full swing! Wow.
The role play possibilities are feeling sort of endless these days ;)
I may, however, opt to "abstain" from a physical relationship this month.
Still deciding...
I will say this though,
that is one HOT creepy guy.
Don't you agree?
Until a sweet little baby girl comes along, I get to be the apple of his eye ;)
Ahhh ha ha ha! Love this one.
No one should be this ridiculously good-looking. No one.
It's simply not fair to the rest of us.

Dear Love-sick in Laverkin:
See what you can have if you just w.a.i.t for the right one?
I know, right?
But for now, don't hate.
There is a delicious guy out there
(maybe even complete with handle bar mustache,
hey a girl should dream big, right? Right.)
with YOUR name on him. Just you wait and see!
(Go to the previous post to meet my friend Love-sick in Laverkin.)


Frau said...

Not everyone can pull that stash off but he does it well!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Ashley said...

Ew. Creepy. Do me a favor and don't let him drive "the pedifile van" this month! haha

That mustache is seriously hilarious! I bet the kissing is amazing! lol ;)

Kristina P. said...

Did he just come from the Super Trooper set?

Tezzie said...

:D Gotta love the 'stache!

Here's a little award for you to pick up if you'd like:

C Stevens said...

The Van just adds to it all.