Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sick wednesday

today, we stayed in our jammies until the sun went down. kort asked to play with friends (roughly 100 times or more) and i lovingly said, "no" (roughly 100 times or more). but i tried to make it up to him. we snuggled in bed and watched back to back to back (to back to back) episodes of america's funniest home videos and laughed until our sides ached. who knew that so many people throughout our great nation had children that delight in assaulting their "privates" via: baseball bat, ball, sled, golf club, tree branch, skateboard, snow ski, and let's not forget to mention the good ole foot (always a trusty stand-by when a kid needs to show someone else's privates who's boss)?

and, after an especially taxing "bake sale day" we thought it might be nice to make a whole batch of cookies and eat them all by ourselves. (we were right, it WAS nice) and i think kort loves helping with the baking more than he even loves eating the baking.
Photobucket {this is his "don't take pictures of me in my pajamas!" face.}
it's funny, kort hates it when i try to take pictures of him in his pajamas. i think he groups them into the same category as underwear, and therefore, they should. not. be. seen. or. displayed. or. even. mentioned. on. my. blog!

i can only assume that this newfound hyper-modesty comes as a direct result of his parents lecturing him (time and time and time again) about modesty. you see, kort has always been proud of his nude self.
2 years ago (at the ripe old age of FOUR) if he could have located a local artists group who needed a nude model - he would have been all over it. he would have shown up, readily shimmied out of a hugh hefner-style bathrobe, and presented them with his best "captain morgan" and a smile. those poor suckers wouldn't have known what hit them. (lucky for me, he could not yet read, let alone search the want ads on craigslist.)

he felt (very strongly) that his nakedness was magnificent - so magnificent, in fact, that he tried to share it with everyone. people who happened to be dropping by when he was in the bath tub, park goers who were unfortunate enough to have been standing around when he decided to relieve himself on the nearest tree, and even a little neighbor girl whom he propositioned with a friendly game of "i'll show you mine if you show me yours" (and yes, we were beyond mortified...and overcompensated by lecturing him about modesty for the last 2 years - an overcompensation that has resulted in the most overly-modest, child on the block.)
so...switching to a topic that does not involve naked-toddler-pride... aren't cookies great? and isn't raw cookie dough even better? man, i know that you can find endless studies about "how bad sugar is for the body" and "blah blah blah" but what about studies about "how totally amazing cookie dough is for the soul?"
well, thanks for joining me for another random, rambling post where i actually managed to talk about jammies, crotch assault, childhood nudist pride, and the sanctity of cookie dough - all in one breath. it's a wonder you keep coming back...but i'm sure glad you do.



MommyLisa said...

I wanted to come and tell you that I got inspired by your "favorite dishes" on the communal global blog. I went poking around Craig's List because I was sick and tired of my Ikea dishes and thought...hmmmm, recycling someone's old dishes?

I got a set of "Carefree" china in a pattern called Flame Lily that is unbelievable. AND I got them from a lady who has been happily married for 50 years! I met her and one of her daughters and grandaughters and emailed with her sister to setup getting the dishes.

It was a FUN connect!

Thanks for the inspiration!

VolleyMom said...

You're welcome for the "WooHoo Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe.

Serline said...

Those raw cookies dough has make his day a yummy one. Have a great week!

Lindsay said...

Ah, the captain morgan it! This was a great post. I think we all need days like this;)