Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cupcakes for Haiti...and THANK YOU!

kortland's "cupcakes for haiti" bake sale was a smashing success! he got so excited every time someone showed up to pick up their batch.
as for me, well, it was sort of a long day, but a long, WONDERFUL, happy, lovely day at that.
as friend after dear (and seemingly long lost) friend passed through my front door, i thought to myself "why don't i do this every week!?" (then, my back screamed at me, and my uterus threatened to fall out, and i remembered exactly why... but hey, you guys would probably come and enjoy a cinnamon hot chocolate, a soft blanket, and a comfy couch just as well...right? ....ri-ight?) today was my idea of heaven. sweet treats, warm sunshine (in february) tons of my most favorite people on the planet streaming in one right after the other... heaven i tell ya. heaven.
Photobucket (cupcakes waiting to be garnished.)
so, then my friend mandy texts me and asks if she can buy an extra half dozen for her friend's little girl who is in the hospital on her birthday - no party, no cake, just sick :( so i told her of course we had extra for her, and then my darling friend, laura, even made some really cute little boxes to put her special cupcakes in. does it get any better than that? i mean, can anything be better than sending treats to cute kids in hospitals while at the same time hugging old friends and raising money for haiti? i think not. i feel so blessed to know awesome people like mandy (and laura, and ashley, and stacey, and kristen, and aubry, and amber and... insert your name here.)Photobucket then kort and a buddy took to the streets. we packaged chocolate chip cookies in brown paper bags with tulle ribbon to go along with the cupcakes - they were a huge hit. kort sold them all. i'm going to tell myself that it was because of my amazing cooking and kort's unbearably cute face... but, if i'm being honest with myself, it's MOST likely because we have the best neighbors on the planet. so there it is.
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
we couldn't have asked for a better day. we still need to go to the bank tomorrow and dump all of his coins into that fun coin counting machine thingy, but it's looking like kort raised a little over $100! what a great experience for a little boy.

and i have to say: dear ashley and laura (a.k.a. carrot-rolling-cupcake-garnishers-extraordinaire!!!) i love you so much it hurts. i can't believe that i have friends like you. love, me.
well, kort is wiped out, and so am i. so we're having a family day in bed. we're going to wear jammies, have soup (and probably a lot of air-popped popcorn), read books, take naps, and see what we can do about this funky little cough of his that has suddenly come out of nowhere. hope you all have a lovely day as well!

oh, and to see what women are reading all around the world (including a few of my favorites) go here.


Mohlman Family said...

What? How did I miss this? I would have loved to buy some yummy cupcakes. I guess its cause I've been a little busy with my sweet girls, I need to check your blog more often.

Lisa said...

You're like, the coolest Mom ever. I would kill to be your neighbor.
Love you!

Aubry Macbean said...

IT was so great to see you. I need to come by more often. Love the cupcakes. Had two last night while watching the olympics. Trying to wait till after lunch to have more. Not sure I will succeed:)

Mandy said...

So I have already eaten 3 cupcakes. They are SOOOOO good! :)

And my friend and her family thank you. The hospital tried, but lemon cake that wasn't fresh and a bit stale and lemony is nothing like fresh wonderful home made cupcakes.

And she loved the box. :)

Ashley said...

That was fun! So glad I could help! And I learned how to roll cute little carrots! Sorry the last little bit was hectic... poop on the boys shoes, a sliver in Tyson's finger and Sayda falling down the stairs... Ay yai yai!

It was good to see you :) Love ya back!