Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday...and a food poisoning update.

I am going to stay in bed today! (Hubs's orders) Don't let that fool you though, I am feeling much much MUCH better now! (Thank you for asking.) But my sweet, rather protective lovey thinks that this is my body's way of telling me to slow down and stop saying "yes" to everything and remember that my top priority right now is taking care of me and my Kortland and this sweet new little baby - so, that is what I'm going to (try to) do!


The "Cupcakes for Haiti" Bake Sale is rescheduled for Tuesday! (a.k.a TOMORROW!) For those of you who email-ordered a dozen cupcakes, I will contact you to make sure this day works. (And hey, thank you for doing that - the sale already feels like a success based on preorders and Kort is OH SO EXCITED! You have seriously made his week - so thank you, thank you.) It is so wonderful to watch my boy put his mind to something, work hard, and then make a success of it - wow, could anything be better for his growth or self-esteem? I think not.
Kort and I did a "practice run" and made cupcakes for "Family Missionary Night" last night, and it was SO GREAT! My family gave over $60 dollars in Haiti donations (and yes, Kort's head nearly exploded). My favorite part of the day was when I offered Kort a cupcake as a reward for all of his hard work, and he said "No way! That's like eating money that should be going to Haiti!"
Ahhhh ha ha ha ha! My very own little cupcake monster of a kid was NOT going to "waste" even ONE money-making cupcake! Nuh-uh, that would just be nuts.
What a kid.
In other news, if you want to see what women around the world are doing on this lovely Monday, you should go here.


Gail Stephens said...

Good Morning Lola,

My name is Gail Stephens, and I work for a non-profit organization call S.T.O.P. – Safe Tables Our Priority. I saw on today's blogpost, that you are suffering from food poisoning. I certainly hope you are starting to feel better. Do you have any idea what made you sick?

S.T.O.P. is a national nonprofit public health organization dedicated to the prevention of illness and death from foodborne pathogens, like salmonella and E. coli. We have achieved many successes by advocating changes in public policy, providing victim assistance, educating consumers about the risks of foodborne illness and much more.

If you have any questions about your illness, need assistance, or would like to get involved, do not hesitate to contact us. Please respond to this message or call our office at (847)831-3032. You may also email me at

Best Regards,


Kristina P. said...

Feel better, Laura!

Aubry Macbean said...

Hope you are feeling better. Do you need any help?

Avie said...

Just wanted to say I have recently stumbled upon your blog and I am so enjoying reading it. Your enthusiasm is inspirational - thank you! I do hope you're feeling better soon.

Jen Nelson said...

Um... is it to late to order half a dozen??

I will even come 'help'. (as much as I can with a 2 month old... but perhaps you can snuggle him while I do the work? He is super snugly!)

Love you!