Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The little things...


About ten minutes ago, the hubs came into the kitchen and said:
"I'm running down to the drug store to get a refill on Kortland's flouride, is there anything I need to refill for yo....u.....?"

His voice trailed off at the end because he realized the answer just as he finished the sentence.
The answer was no.
I didn't need anything refilled.
I'm officially not taking any prescription medications.

I smiled at him.
He smiled at me.
I said: "Isn't that so great?"

I then proceeded to ask him to please bring home a big fat cup of their Old Fashioned Cookies and Cream Ice Cream in lieu of a bottle of pills and he (being the wise, wise man that he is) obliged.


It's amazing how quickly I forget to thank for my newfound health and relative comfort. Sometimes it's nice to celebrate the little things...like the fact that I'm not taking 3 different pills that each made me feel sick and icky in their own special ways.

I'm also thankful that my body has been able to "keep" this sweet baby - even after all of the help from the pills came to an end.

And guess what else? Baby is kicking. Delicious little thumps are thrilling my existence a few, fleeting times each day. It makes me want to lay in bed and hold really really really still, but there are dishes to load and floors to sweep every now and again too. I have waited so long for this time, for a second helping of pregnancy and motherhood. I plan to relish every moment - even the small ones.


Unknown said...

That is just awesome, hon. Relish, relish, relish! They come and go so fast, moments! Those photos are so sweet. They made me smile. :)

C Stevens said...

I am just so so so excited for you. I've been craving "everything but the.." Ben and Jerry's. I finally got it and now it is gone.
Til the next carton,

C Stevens said...

Oh..Lola, I truly want to add a button about Communal global but alas...I don't know what gadget to add. Will you tell me the next time I see you?

Blackwell said...

What a sweet post :) I'm just so happy and excited for you. Have I told you that yet? ;) ...only about 15 times, so. . .not enough!

Mandy said...

Those are some fantastic pictures, by the way. :)

SO happy for you and your family. :)

Lisa said...

Great pics!! That is the best part of pregnancy, as I am sure you know!! but do, really DO, savour every possible moment!! it goes quickly!

Formerly known as Frau said...

You married a smart man! Love that you are feeling good...your smile in those pictures says it all.

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, I miss feeling the little kicks... :) Enjoy, relish, savor!

Celeste said...

Man I love you!!

Suki said...

This is so sweet! Please please please lay in bed and hold still :)
Appreciate the little things, because they are the best in life.
I love your blog already. Such a good thing to get to know you.

Unknown said...

I am SO thankful that you are carrying a sweet baby. You are so beautiful. I am happy for your happy family. You make me smile!

* said...

Just send some baby dust my way. I miss the kicks the most, would do anything to have that feeling again.

Take care.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad your feeling well!! I love feeling the babies moving around, that's the best part of being prego! I think :)