Monday, February 15, 2010

Have you heard of these?!

This Christmas, my mom gave me and all of my dear sissies-in-law something called Half*Tees. I hadn't heard of these before. Have you heard of them? My sister-in-law, Cristi, (who is currently nursing the darling Miss Lily) said: "These will be so great for nursing! That's one less layer I will have to fight through!" And I, being newly pregnant, thought to myself: That's true! That will be so great when I'm nursing my new baby!


Little did I know how much I would love/need/adore them WAY before I got to the nursing stage of this whole journey! My belly is growing at lightning speed, and my Shade undershirts H.U.R.T! I feel like I'm wearing a girdle to suck in my baby bump (and that just feels sick and wrong on SO many levels.) So, for the first time since receiving my little HalfTees gifties at Christmas, I used them, and they are divine! They are going to be my pregnancy salvation - I just know it. I told my online birth group about HalfTees, and the girls who have ordered them have raved and raved about them.

But, hey, pregnancy aside, these also would have been nice to have had all last summer when I was LIVING in maxi-dresses and the Shade shirts I wore underneath them left a big, unsightly bump around my hips where the undershirt abruptly ended. And because full length undershirts are made with stretchy fabric, (which I love) I find that they ride up my mid section all day and I find myself having to reach up under the first shirt to tug and readjust the undershirt. This has gotten me some fairly confused, irritated, and even creepy looks at the grocery store when I've shimmed myself out of an uncomfortable Shade Shirt situation. I just thought this idea was so great! And I thought all of you should know about it!

I recently read that Cjane uses them too! The good news for Utah-Valley-ens (especially ones like me who like buying things up and taking them home that very day) is that there is a HalfTees Kiosk at the University Mall (In front of Victoria's Secret) where you can go and buy HalfTees to your heart's content. The good news for out-of-staters is that you can order everything you need online! (yay!)

As many of you may know, I am now required by law to disclose whether or not I am getting paid for giving positive product reviews, so I have to admit...

I am not geting paid!

What? Are you shocked? Me too! As much as I'd like to be a "Dooce-grade" blogger someday, (you know, minus the hateful LDS rants and the constant whining about my $40,000 a month lifestyle, and how my new $8,000 washing machine isn't working properly and blah blah blah) alas, it is not yet so. Target is not breaking down my door and begging me to take $5,000 or so of their dollars every month to put their adverts on my blog, and Pantene Pro V is not inviting me out to Hollywood for a Wretched Mommy Make-over. Ah, well, my day will come.

Until then, I guess I will just have to tell my good friends about great products out of the goodness of my heart *sigh.* But I DO think that Half*Tees should do a giveaway for my readers, yes? I'm working on it. (After they read this post, how could they NOT?) Stay tuned!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Great idea...I love to layer but everything feels bulky. Thanks for the info and you totally should get paid for this!

Aubry Macbean said...

These look so cool. Next time I am at the mall I will have to check them out.

Natalie ♥♥♥ said...

Take it from me, they are the BEST! I wear them every day! And the fabric is wonderful, has tons of body and won't stretch out as the day goes on. Love, love love them! I especially love my long sleeved ones right now, I have the warmth but not the bulk around the midsection. My best Christmas purchase for sure!

ANGiE said...

SO COOL! I can't wait to try them!

Unknown said...

: )
I just found out who Dooce was.
I clicked over to her blog and I was not super impressed. She is going to have a show on tv soon too. maybe I will like her more then. I do have a thing for bloggers : )

Rachel said...

Ok, those are freakin AWESOME!!!! I remember having a half shirt way back when, but it was def. not this cute! Thanks for the info.