Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Ignorant... I mean, Anonymous:

*UPDATE: "Anonymous" has written back, and is still unconvinced that "following the prophet" is, or can be a means to finding happiness. See her comment, and my (rather lengthy - are you surprised?) response in the comments section of this post.

I recently wrote a blog about the book "Committed" where I simply stated that all women are different, and that there is no ONE way to happiness. Many friends of mine who are happy with their choice to marry in their 20's (and have children soon after that) wrote comments to celebrate their individual choices and also to confirm that they felt that fulfilling spousal relationships and selfless devotion to children, home, and family were the TRUE source of happiness. I also celebrated the choices of some of my amazing friends who married later in life and are still waiting several years to start a family. That was the perfect choice for them, and I applaud it.

Really, it was celebrating the concept of "To each her own" and also supporting ALL WOMEN in whatever life they chose for themselves as long as it was what made them happy and was best for their personal joy in the long run. Imagine my surprise when I found a totally ignorant (not to mention irrelevant) attack on the many Utah women I have come to love so much. My friend Heather left a comment celebrating a personal choice (and a sentiment I happen to share) and it was followed by... well, go ahead and read on:

Heather said...
Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he knows the way!
I'm so happy that we know the true source of happiness. What a sad opinion to have! (Hers, not yours!) {regarding the author of "committed"}

Anonymous said...
Heather, you 'know' the true source to happiness huh? Isn't it funny that Utah has the highest rate of depression and anti-depressant use than any other state?

MY RESPONSE? (YOU MAY ASK...) Well here goes nothin'...

Dear Anonymous (a.k.a HUGELY ignorant chicken. Hey, you didn’t give me a name, so I guess that gives me the right to assign one to you. I found this one to be particularly fitting, and in a minute, you'll see why):

A. I think it's hilarious that your comment is anonymous. Your opinion means nothing here if you're not a big enough person to endorse what you have to say with your face and your "good name." What kind of a chicken are you? Even if you don't have an account, feel free to sign the end of your comments with your full name and hey, maybe even an email address. If you can’t say something in person, should you really say it at all?

B. No one (including/especially Heather) said anything about Utah women being happier, or less depressed than other women. It sounds to me like YOU have issues that you need to deal with, and instead of dealing with them in a healthy and productive way, you're choosing to deal with them by attacking someone else's beliefs via a chicken-y anonymous comment. And I'm going to go ahead and not even mention that fact that you argued about something that you made up/imagined in your head, not even something that was actually asserted. (Oh wait, I guess I just did. Well, there you have it.)

C. You are more than welcome to have an opinion that differs from mine; I only ask that you voice it:
1) Politely
2) Intelligently
and 3) in a non-cowardly fashion.

And...D. (Yes, there's actually a D, a big, gigantic, fact-packed D. Does this illustrate to SOME extent how much I dislike rude, ignorant, – and ESPECIALLY anonymous – comments being left on my blog?)

*Did it ever occur to you that Utah women who have horrible marriages maybe aren't following the plan of happiness? It sure seems to have been working for me, and no, I’m not suffering from depression, a bad marriage, the curse of horrible children or otherwise.

*And could it possibly have occurred to you that Utah is dark, bleak, cold, snowy, and well, let me see, um...downright DEPRESSING six months out of the year!?

*Is it possible that Utah women are simply more proactive with regards to their mental health (and the safety and well being of their children and families) and therefore they seek and receive help that many women in other states are silently suffering without? Hey, “other states” have had depressed moms drowning their babies in bathtubs, and driving carloads of buckled toddlers into lakes… perhaps they could have benefited from the proactive, early interventions that Utah women are currently enjoying. Do Utah women deserve to be judged unfairly because they seek treatment when they fear that they might not have balanced minds? (I think the answer is obvious.) Is it fair or even remotely accurate to attribute ALL of this depression to MORMON women? (Yep, obvious again. Well, at least, I think it’s obvious…okay I’ll spell it out: NO!!)

*Did you know that Salt Lake City is the largest, most populated city in our state and that it is also less than 50% Mormon? That’s right. In all likelihood, a LARGE part of the anti-depression medications being administered could just as easily be getting gobbled up by our PLENTIFUL non-member population. Heather Armstrong (author of has openly shared her ongoing struggle with depression and the need to take medication to control it (a.k.a to help her be the VERY best mom and person she can possibly be by controlling chemicals in her brain that would otherwise function improperly), but wait, get this, she is ANTI Mormon! (Gasp! dun dun dunnnnn! …and the plot thickens.) So, if I'm to apply YOUR (clearly ingenious) sense of deduction to this matter, I suppose that I would HAVE to say that ALL ANTI-Mormons are bad people, and therefore contributing to the epidemic number of depressed women in the state of Utah. That makes sense, right? (Nope.) This entire section was only written to illustrate how absolutely ridiculous blaming a specific religious group for propagating a DISEASE really is.

*And BY THE WAY what about that?! What about the fact that depression is an ACTUAL DISEASE? You know, like, a REAL DISEASE that manifests itself through an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and NOT a condition that is created because a woman has an unhappy marriage, or too many children, or because she made bad choices (like the choice to be a Mormon, obviously) throughout her life, or because she is generally a bad person all the way around? Are we really going to start blaming women for having a disease? Really anonymous? Are you really going to tell me that women are punished with depression because of their bad choices (religious or otherwise)? Wow, I guess you and your good buddy Tom Cruise can go ahead and do all of womankind that injustice, but as for me, I choose to show them the understanding and compassion they deserve.

*Has it simply NOT occurred to you that if society would get educated about depression and stop inferring shame and blame upon the women who suffer from it, that MORE women would reach out and get the help they need? You know, the help that their husbands and children want desperately for them, and the help that they personally deserve more than ANYTHING in this world? You know, that kind of help? Well guess what, a lot of women aren't going to get that help if people like you see to it that a negative stigma remains attached to this disease.
They'll hide in shame, neglect their children, and may even end up taking their own lives or the lives of the people that they love most. I seriously cannot believe that anyone would say what you just said to me, here on my blog of peace and joy and love. Wow. "Anonymous commenters" continue to amaze me with their insensitivity and (for the one-millionth time this post, say it with me now...) their ignorance.

People aren’t depressed because they are Mormon, Catholic, Anti-Mormon, Christian, Atheist, or otherwise. They are depressed because there is a part of their brain that is sick. It doesn’t release the necessary chemicals for proper, “happy” brain function, and they need to take a medication that puts those chemicals back into balance. This didn’t happen to them because they are bad people (or in YOUR opinion, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Mormons) any more than cancer happens to people because they have road rage, or bullied a kid in Jr. High. Sticking a label on someone with the intent to place blame for a MEDICALLY documented disease is the height of ignorance. Whatever your issues with the Mormon church may be, I hope you can work them out without choosing to blame and attack someone with an illness ever again. How embarrassing for you. I guess you’re not regretting making that comment anonymously now eh? I wouldn’t stake my face and good name on such an ignorant comment either. Good on ya.


JAMIE said...

You go girl! I hate the blanket statements that people hide behind. It's just ignorance, plain and simple.

thanks for your post!

carly said...

lol...anonymous...who leaves anonymous comments?? Love the response, Laura. Oh and "anonymous" did you also know that Utah also has an extremely high pornography rate? I hate how Utah gets stereotyped. Are ALL parts of the southern states still racist? Are ALL "illegal" immigrants a drain on the economy? Don't think so. Are ALL formerly abused children abusers of their own children? All ALL gay individuals child molesters? Check your facts.

Wades said...

I love your blog and I love you for putting "anonymous" in their place!!

Nisa said...

Amen, Laura. You said all that very well.

I would like to add that when you hide behind anonymity, your statements have no clout whatsoever. Are the stats even accurate? Who did them? Statistics are a funny thing. The company putting them out can make things appear a certain way, depending on a person's bias, when they're not that way at all.

Really, blanket statements are ignorant at best.

nmg said...

Also, why is all depression being labeled a female disease. I knew many man suffering from depression and receiving treatment while I was working as a social worker in know hospitals where diseases are treated.....funny little random places aren't they!

Chantel Timothy said...

statistics are crap..... for the most part....have you ever taken that class? You can make the end result whatever you want it to be! And "labels" are even worse.......And yes I am an anonymous person an no I didn't make the comment..but congrats on the new exciting for you! Anyway props for stating your opinion on being happy for people in making their own choices to a happy life!.......Chantel....what you thought I wasn't going to put my name....huh? ;)

Chantel Timothy said...

oh wait I thought I was going to be an anonymous person....good thing I didn't say that comment huh? ;)

Merrilee said...

You go girl! I love it! The older generation is proud of you and your honest comments! I sometimes feel like some of these authors give their opinions not facts that make some start questioning their decisions when they might be having a weak moment. Being married and a mom is the greatest accomplishment I have, even though I might not have been at my best at all times, I still love my choice and yes I was married and had 4 children by the time I was 27 and a grandma at 42! the best blessings yet!

Heather said...

Yes, I do know the true source of happiness. It is in following the prophet. My life is definitely not perfect, I've dealt with ongoing unemployment, roller coaster finances, had a stillborn baby, and I have a son with learning disabilities. I have felt depressed at times- having a stillborn baby will do that to you. But I know my life would be much more broken if I ignored the amazing advice of prophets who KNOW the best way! It's the truth! If you're not sure, just listen to ONE talk by ONE of them. If you listen with an open heart, you will KNOW too!
Funny how the truth stirs much angst in people. :(

Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

Way to go Lola!
Lynne M. Smith

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, that was a great comeback : )
Love it! : )
I have to go and read your post that brought out big bad Anonymous! : )

Megan said...

*standing and applauding*
very well said!!

Nikita Patricia said...

In my opinion i believe that happiness is something you create. I'm seventeen and was diagnosed with depression around 2 months ago now. I was put in a psychiatric unit for two days/nights, I didn't want to believe i had it because as far as i was concerned i was the happiest person i knew.
I wasn't dealt the fairest hand throughout life, but the way i've seen it is that if i believe in myself, surround myself with the right people, make the right choices and live my life the way i want to, then i know that I'm happy.
There are days i won't take my medication and that point of view will change and i'll end up drifting to a darker place but some part of me is still conscious to the thought that there are brighter more happier days to come if i believe.

Even if the "so called statistics" that "anonymous" has stated are true, it doesn't mean that EVERYONE in Utah is depressed or taking anti depressants.
You'll probably find that however many people in Utah that actually suffer from depression actually have happy days too.

So the last thing i have to say to you "Anonymous" coming from someone that suffers from the illness is that if you don't have anything nice to say.. don't say it at all.

It's not something that really needed to be said and by directly aiming it towards Heather, you've made yourself look like a fool.

Good on you Lola!
What you wrote was well said!
And Thankyou :)

Blackwell said...

You go girl! Whew, I sure hope we're never in a fight ;) You'd whoop my butt any day in a debate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is back! Being anonymously anonymous.

A. You're a good writer

B. You're a fun person

C. You're very articulate

D. You present information in an easy to understand, organized fashion

E. You're an amazing person

WIth that said, the most effective form of depression treatment isn't ssri's or any other anti-depressant drug; it's cognitive therapy and exercise. So ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you (not 'you' personally btw).

Cognitive therapy doesn't come from the premise of depression being some disease that 'attacks' certain people and lowers their serotonin levels. They see it as subconscious thought distortions. They've categorized them into 10 distinct groups. I suggest you look it up (also 'the feeling good handbook' is a great resource for a very indepth look).

So what's the point? Depression isn't some 'disease' that magically attacks certain victims. It's LIKEY (if you look at the research, they aren't really sure) the result of thought patterns. This conclusion is based on the fact that the most effective treatment of depression is cognitive therapy, NOT drugs.

I wasn't 'attacking' any one individual but if you want to look at it that way go right ahead. Obviously there's something to the pattern of Utah leading the nation in depression. What is causing this? Who knows. But to say that 'following the prophet' ensures happiness and is 'the way' is a childish way of looking at it. That was anonymous' point.

Thanks for being such a good sport.




Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Hi I came here from Communal Global and love your blog, as well as this one. I just wanted to say that seeing yet another pregnant mommy who is not me is difficult, but reading that you tried for 4 years gives me some hope.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

the Lola Letters said...

Dear anonymous (part two):

You can't really say that you think that "following the prophet" is a childish or naive way for a person to approach their individual quest for a happy life unless you fully understand what "following the prophet" means.

Here are some of the things that our prophet councils us to tell me whether or not you think it could lead a person down the path of happiness:

1. Serve, love, and care for others. (I always feel more joyful when I forget myself and work to help others that are in need.)

2. Choose who you marry carefully, and once you've made that commitment, work hard to love, support, and uplift that person. Make your spouse your best friend.

3. Speak kind words.

4. Strive to be the best person you can be.

5. Put your family first.

6. Be gentle with yourself. Take good care of your body and mind. Get help if it is needed.

7. Be kind to others. Don't judge, rather seek to understand. (How awesome would the world be if everyone did that?)

8. Get your finances in order, and stay out of debt. (How many Americans, Mormon or not, would have a HUGE weight lifted from their shoulders if they were able to do EVEN JUST THIS ONE THING?)

9. Don't have sex before marriage. (This eliminates the possibility of contracting and suffering from a myriad of STDs as well as preventing an "unwanted" pregnancy, both of which are situations and problems that can cause stress, grief, and unhappiness in people.)

10. Remain faithful in marriage. Work hard to keep the "spark" alive. Continue to court your spouse by taking them on a date at least once a week. (How many marriages would remain intact if people kept the romance, the chivalry, the selflessness, the connection, and the love alive?)

Well, there are 10 for starters, and there are many that I still haven't mentioned. (I would go on, but, speaking of keeping that "spark" alive, my hubs has spoiled my sickly little pregnant self to the high heavens this weekend and I feel the need to go an jump on him, smooch him, and tell him how very much he means to me and to our son. So, you'll have to excuse me for now. However, I will be happy to take up this discussion at a later date! Does tomorrow work for you?)

So, as (I hope) you can see, "following the prophet" isn't a mindless, religious-zombie-idiot thing we all just happen to do, it is something we have thought about, prayed about, pondered in our minds, and also something we approach with deep love and dedication.

Thank you for your kind words toward me, and also your more in-depth response this time around. Take care.

Kaetty said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am an LDS, happily married mother of two beautiful boys who suffers from depression.

You have no clue what you are talking about. I cannot stand people like you, who think they have all of the answers, when they are so ignorant, they insult and attack, rather than see individual situations and educate themselves properly.

Medication works! It's proven! I've done cognitive therapy, which didn't cure me, but it helped me determine my specific form of depression. (There are several forms, if you knew anything at all)

And it is absolutely true that depression results from a chemical imbalance, BUT doesn't necessarily describe how complex the DISEASE is.

Depression has many causes, including genetic vulnerability and other influences such as life events, illnesses & medications.

It's funny how you target thought processes and subconscious thought distortions as the cause.

Let me help you out ...RUMINATION, is a contemplation or reflection that may become persistent and cause worrying and anxiety. This is a result of depression in many cases, not a cause.

So please, don't go around running your mouth, when you have NOTHING to back it up. You look ridiculous.

Do you suffer from depression? Or personally know someone who does? It doesn't sound to me like you have the slightest clue.

Think before you speak, and I assure you, that proper medication is KEY TO RECOVERY! Exercise, therapy and living the gospel are all positive in the recovery process, but this is without a doubt an ILLNESS, and needs to be treated as such. Anyone who has to deal with this horrible ILLNESS can attest to this.

Sorry Laura, I needed to put in my two cents :) Personally, I think anonymous has some serious issues he/she needs to get resolved before opening his/her big anonymous mouth! LOL

imemary said...

Okay, just a small thought on the numbers issue. I don't think that Utah really has a much higher rate of depression than other states. I DO think that statistics may be skewed since Mormons are more likely to seek legitimate anti-depressants rather than self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs.

In conclusion, I love the prophet and hooray internet for bringing us all together to have this fun conversation!

Sammi said...

I think its important for annonymous to know, plain and simple, that heather stating that following the prophet is the way to happiness, is her opinion, its not childish its just what she believes to be right for her. On another note, what does following the prophet have to do with UTAH, there are LDS church members all over the world, its not a religion of UTAH it is something that everyone is can be apart of, so relating LDS to Utahs Depression rates is extreme stereotyping Also who are you to come down with all these facts of depression, Depression is a disease that one can not control but can help, just because one is diagnosed with depression does not mean that they cant show happiness. You really are just giving a biased thought that is degrating another persons opinion.

Heather said...

Dear Anonymous,
Hi, it’s me again- Heather (The one with ‘childish’ belief. By the way, no one has ever said that to me. Also the one that is not afraid to voice her opinion with a name and face behind it.)

I left my initial comment on Laura’s post because the premise of the book ‘Committed‘ seemed to be: a. getting married later in life, b. having children later in life, and c. having less children in your life is going to make you happier. I entirely disagree.

Does getting married young guarantee happiness? How about having children early in life and having a big family- does that guarantee happiness? I don’t think so. Some women never have the opportunity to be married. Some women do not have children in their lifetime. Does that make them less than those that do? I don’t think that is the case either.

The question for Anonymous seems to be, are there actual prophets? She obviously knows enough about my religion to know that we believe (all 13 million of us) that there are prophets on the earth today.

I believe that many people set up for themselves different ‘prophets’ of sorts and ‘follow’ whomever they choose. Take for instance your doctor, you have taken his advice and ‘followed’ him and made his word your doing. Is exercise the answer to happiness? I believe in exercise, too, it makes me stronger, healthier and simply makes me feel better from day to day. But is it the end all to happiness? Can you honestly say at the end of your life, “Wow, I’m so glad that I did all that exercise in my lifetime- it was the key to my happiness!”

Others have set up for themselves ‘prophets’ in the TV personality department. (Brace yourselves, ladies, you may not like this!) I’ll give you a hint, her initials are Oprah Winfrey. Women by the millions make sure they NEVER miss a daily episode. If they know that they are going to miss an episode, they record it and make certain to watch it later. They hang on every word spoken by ‘O’ and ‘follow’ every word she says. Women wear what she tells them to wear, they buy what she tells them to buy, and read what she says to read.

So, again, we come back to the question, “Are there prophets?” Are there men that communicate with God and bring His messages to us? I believe that there are. God is actually our Father. He loves us and wants us to be happy. He reveals His will and word (such as the advice that Laura wrote out in a previous comment) to real men on this earth in order to help His children.

You may think this sounds ridiculous. But I ask, can’t God do whatever He pleases? I’m sure that He can. If you have read the Bible at all, you will see a pattern. God has always called prophets and He always will. Why does He even bother? I believe that it is because He loves us and wants to show us ‘the way.’

I believe that the author of ‘Committed’ got the theme for her book from an entirely opposite source than from God. She is simply giving a very selfish answer for happiness: get what YOU want when you want it, and then maybe, if you have time, give to others.

As a mother, I can tell you that my GREATEST joy I have in my life is my children. I was appalled to hear that someone is telling women that the exact opposite is true.

So I ask you again, “Are there prophets?” I invite the women that believe that there are to declare it, loud and clear. You may be surprised at how many intelligent, wonderful, women there are that believe in a prophet, namely President Thomas S. Monson!

If you’re not sure, I invite you to investigate this bold statement. Read what he has said, you will find no hypocrisy. Look at his life, you will see that it is good. But is he a prophet? Only you can decide.

Some of us have already examined this idea and this man carefully. We have obviously come to our conclusion and if you do the same with honesty and with some prayer, you may be surprised at the answers you find.

Ryans said...

For the sake of just voicing my opinion:
Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he knows the way!

Anonymous said...

the amount of judgments and snap conclusions that have been made is somewhat sickening.

I happen to be lds, I just find it a gross oversimplification to say 'we know the way' to happiness and it's simply to 'follow the prophet.'

this type of thinking takes a very gray existence and turns it into black and white. this life is very gray (i believe by design).

to put it into logical terms: if follow prophet, then happy. if not happy, then not follow prophet. this statement is absolutely not absolute. ;) I think everyone reading that could agree.

my intention way to spur some healthy thought. "come let us reason together." instead, this has turned into ridiculous verbal attacks, jumping to a bunch of judgments and conclusions that were based on nothing that was actually written. I don't feel the need to point all of them out.

I wish happiness upon all who read this as this life is bizarre and, at times, tough to navigate to say the least. we all share being human and I have massive respect for you all.


that's all from anonymous.

Nisa said...

Interesting POV, but I don't agree at all with the things you say we could all agree on. I think WE make life too complicated and that it really is simple.

For instance, we know the scriptures say that wickedness never was happiness. In order to be happy then, we need to live righteously. By following the prophet, we're doing just that. To me, that's more logical than what you said.

Nisa said...

And very black and white.

Marissa said...

I love this ISH!

Kaetty said...

Yet again, Anonymous is ABSOLUTELY wrong. This life is not gray by design .... it's made that way by every unfortunate thing that happens in our world.
It's meant to be black and white, and we are meant to see it, and live it as such.
You are a very backwards person, who began attacking the opinion of an innocent person.
Don't play the victim.

Kaetty said...

Sorry for the rant everyone. I just became frustrated with how rude and judgmental this anonymous person is.

We all have a right to our own opinion, but this person started off in a very bad way ... probably has a lot of insecurity ... Anyway, I'm done :)

Jill Collier said...

Lola, awesome response, thank you!

I believe our religion is based on
SIMPLE beliefs and practices. It is in those simple, daily choices, like following our prophet, that we are truly happy. Unhappiness stems usually from selfishness and sin (why would you ever feel happy if you lived your life only for yourself and did things against what you know to be right?). And depression is a PROVEN chemical imbalance, well treated with drugs that are proven to work! I agree with an earlier comment that "statistics" are not always correct or accurate (if you have ever taken a stats class, you would understand). Having children, old or young, does not ensure happiness or create unhappiness, it is a choice how you handle your own family. It isn't easy for anyone to have children, they are hard, period. But so worth it and I could not love anyone more than my own children. I suffer from depression, which was mostly brought on after my oldest was born, and it IS a chemical imbalance, one that, for me, has been healthily treated with medication. Depression runs in my family, who are NOT all from Utah, they are from all over the place really, and some of them have kids, some don't, some had them young, old, etc.

Bottom line, we are most happy in following the simple truths of the gospel, made known through our wonderful prophets. You would understand this if you put them to practice, that is the only way to be sure.

If you (anonymous) say that depression is best treated through cognitive therapy, then surely the teachings of the gospel are part of that healthy therapy, right?

I am just supporting my wonderful sister-in-law, Heather, who I'm so thankful said it so plainly, "follow the prophet, he knows the way"! It is true, bottom line.

Nikita Patricia said...

With all of this now said maybe "anonymous" will learn to think before he/she acts again.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT the real anonymous, just a different anonymous. I feel like the "real anonymous" should read someone elses blog, if she/he doesn't agree with Laura. This is Laura's blog and Laura's opinions. OPINIONS!!! This is America and she has the right to what she believes. Even anonymous has the RIGHT to have different opinions. I feel that anonymous has some heavy issue to work out, and Laura's blog is NOT the place to do it. We ALL know that sometimes when you Follow the Prophet, other things and people change your course or outcome, so I see how it is not black & white. But all we can do in life is just try our hardest and not get jaded when things are difficult. Cuz guess what???? Life is hard and it NEVER is like what you planned. Roll with the punches, keep on truckin, Boogie down road. Love you Laura. I support you.

Jeff and Jessie said...

My theory has always been, "if a matter is gray it is because there is too much black" Look to the light.

Heather said...

Wow, I really appreciate everyone's support! Not for me, but for so many wonderful women saying that they follow the prophet! I think the original Anonymous was looking for someone, anyone to agree with her. Not over here! I think I found many new sisters and 'kindred spirits', thanks Laura! Nisa, so awesome! Life is black and white, and in case anyone forgets that, just read Moroni chapter 7. It's so clear and life can be simple, if we make it so! Jill, wow- what a woman! I love you ladies!

C Stevens said...

I read your comment left for this post, Anonymous. Here is my "Healthy" response:
Shouldn't we all be striving to be the best we can be under whatever circumstances we find our self? Who lashes out at people over a kind comment left on a blog? was it necessary to make Heather feel that way? Shouldn't we be trying to lift others up? I can completely understand a healthy discussion but did making someone else feel small about their beliefs make your day butterfly's and rainbows?
Shame on you Anonymous. There are better ways.

Wayne said...

To the "other" anonymous, I know at least on my blog I'd be bored if the only people who read and commented on it were people who agree with me. I love being around people who think differently than I do (as long as they're comfortable discussing things without getting offended or offensive). ...then again there aren't many people out there who agree with me on many subjects, so I guess it's a good thing I like opposing views because I don't have much choice. :)

the Lola Letters said...

Yay Wayne! I couldn't agree more. What fun is it to agree about everything ALL the time? :)

Debates are awesome. Just ask my 3 brothers (a.k.a Devil's advocates of the CENTURY!!!!) Debating is great, as long as nobody gets too worked up.

I know there's a lot of sass in what I write, but that' s just all in good fun. I am perfectly calm regarding this whole discussion.

I know that people who are suffering from depression felt personally attacked and therefore were more angry about the topic (and understandably so).

But I do hope that anonymous knows that his/her thoughts are welcome anytime. Seriously.

Howse Family said...

I was just reading this article in the Ensign and it made me think about your blog topic:
That They may grow up unto Thee-
"As young singles come to understand that maturity and adulthood are marked by behavior and attitude rather than marital status, they will come to achieve a greater sense of satisfaction and purpose in their lives."

Anonymous said...

I think people just like a good drama.

Anonymous said...

Above comment not written by the original anon. Just someone laughing about all the hoopla.