Monday, January 4, 2010

some cousin-ly advice

Kortland has (mercifully, thank you Nancy) been invited over to play at his cousin's house (A LOT) over the last week so that his mom (a.k.a. me) can rest, and rest, and puke, and rest to her heart's content without the guilt of feeling like she's neglecting her lovely, energetic, only-child. It has been really nice.

So, Nancy just e-mailed over some funny "big Brother" advice that her son R had given to Kortland when he was over there. It was pretty fantastic, and probably just a wee bit distressing for Kort to hear! ha ha! Just had to share.

He said,

"Kort, with a new brother on the way you are gonna get in ALOT of TROUBLE. All the time you will be in trouble,”

(now here comes the wisdom...)

“But you know, it is ok to get in trouble, EVERYONE gets in trouble and that is how we learn, so it's ok you will learn ALOT.”


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Nisa said...

Hahaha! I wish someone would have given me that advice oh so long ago. rofl!