Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am really mad at blogger, and old photo 1.28.10.

Isn't this photo pretty? I took from my car last spring while driving into my grandma's Cedar Hills neighborhood. Love those trees! On another note, I am so mad at blogger!!!! I just made a fantastic new header,
(SEE how cute it is!?)

for a fantastic, exciting new blog that I am starting, and blogger won't let me load it on because it says that I have reached my upload quota for my "picasa" folder (whatever the poo that means! - grrrrr) and that I have to buy more storage space, and I am so bugged!!!!! With blogger, you put a header up, and then have to REMOVE it before you can put another one up, so how the heck can I fill up storage space if I put a picture in, and then DELETE IT before putting another picture in?! Can anyone explain that to me? If I have a box and I put a paper in the box, then take it out and put in a different paper...and I repeat that cycle 200 times, no, make that 2 million times, will the box get too full? ...ever?


Because I always took a paper out before I put a paper in!!!!! I am not a rocket scientist by any means, but this is BASIC logic, no? So, I can only deduce that google wants my money and made up a stupid reason for why I should give it to them. It says that I have to buy storage space if I ever want to change my header again. What a joke. (Can you tell that I really don't like it when "free services" suddenly come flying out of nowhere and demand money for reasons that don't make any sense? Is that apparent right about now?)
Boo blogger. Shame on you. Boo.

(thanks for letting me vent, friends.)


Tonia said...

Beautiful picture. Love it.
As for your problem with blogger. Try going to and dowloading picasa 3 once there all the pictures you have ever put on your blog will be there. You should be able to move whatever pics you don't want on your blog anymore to a different folder and that should clear up some of your space. Let me know if it works :)

Unknown said...

I had to buy more storage at blogger last year. I was annoyed too! I mean, HELLO, isn't my blog the most exciting thing ever? Can't they just give me space????? Apparently NOT : )

PS I so want to be a part of your project! Check your junk mail folder and see if my emails are going there. Pretty please : )