Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad Report 1.29.10

Kort has done GREAT at school all
week, but alas, we ended on a sour note.
Our dogs should start giving workshops for professional photo-bombing. My camera comes out and they are on the scene! They don't even mess around.
Aw, snap. Not good news. He refused to participate in basketball spelling? Whose kid is this? As you can see, he also didn't finish a class project where all of the kids wrote a letter to their former classmate (Zadia) who recently moved to Spain. So, he finished it today when he got home. I asked him to hold his letter for a picture, but he was sucked into word girl and didn't hear me. (Nor did he notice when I propped it up on his comatose lil self and shot 6 or 7 pics. SOOO my kid.) For those of you who can't read "Kortland," it says:
Dear Zadia,
How are you doing?
Do you go to school?
Is it your 100th day at school?
Your friend,


Oh well, there's always next week...


Unknown said...

AMEN! There is ALWAYS next week! Let's just be thankful for that. My Kaish had a rough day at school yesterday too. I told him he could have a clean slate on Monday : )

Jen Nelson said...

Waa waa waa. :(

Poor Kort. He letter was cute!

Really what did you expect with all his uncles? Genetics can sometimes bite you in the ass ;)

gg said...

Maybe he isn't interested in writing to the kid in Spain and most definitely not interested in 'basketball' spelling. Crap, I wouldn't be either! As an adult none of us like doing stupid stuff, why do schools expect our kids to be interested in stupid stuff...hey maybe not all 25-30 kids like all the same stuff at all the same time...maybe he just needs a break and wold learn and grow at a great pace if he could focus on the really great things he enjoys....sorry, imho, that is how I see it...

the Lola Letters said...

Ha ha! GG, that is a totally reasonable/fair/accurate point. Kort is a pretty bright kid, and if he can't find a logical or interesting reason for doing something, he's pretty dead set on NOT doing it. He CANNOT for the life of him handle redundancy either. To be instructed to write the same letter (a a a a a a) over and over and over again sounds like madness to him. (...and why shouldn't it?)

I really DO feel that kids that are mindless followers get rewarded to no end in the public school systems and kids who want to march to the beat of their own drum get punished non-stop for being unique, different, and wanting a darn good reason for "why they should" do something.

I am actually tempted to home school him, only I think the torture of being away from all of his friends would be MUCH more of a punishment than a help/reward.

MommyLisa said...

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