Sunday, January 31, 2010

Communal Global: I am giddy as a 3rd grader...

So, a few weeks ago, I had an idea. I thought that it would be interesting to search out women living all around the world and ask them to collaborate on a blog where we share our lives! I have always wanted to travel and see the world. I would throw on a backpack and travel to every country on this planet if my life and means would permit it, but alas, they do not. So this is the next best thing. We will get to see Germany, Norway, the Bahamas, Japan, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas through the eyes of the beautiful, smart, talented, funny women who live there. Every day there will be a new post. Some days, we are all posting to a theme (such as: "This morning's breakfast" or "today's shoes") other days will simply be labeled "Today" and each woman will share a little slice of their day - whatever that may be! We are calling it Communal Global. Are you excited yet? I am so excited.

When I was in 3rd grade, I really did have a pen pal, and I was beyond giddy when I knew a letter was on its way from all the way around the globe. I feel that each culture, and each country, and each and every woman on the planet has positive, lovely, and wonderful things to share with those who will listen, and that's what this blog is for! We are celebrating the everyday beauty of life and womanhood and I suspect that we will find that life is beautiful everywhere, and joy can be found in even the smallest things, such as a morning walk, a great cup of cocoa, the laugh (or mischief) of a child, a letter from someone we love, and of course, the joy of making a new, lifelong friend

I really hope that the friends, family, and even/especially STRANGERS who drop by my humble lil' blog will come and take advantage of the opportunity to take this journey with me and my new friends. It's not about ANYTHING other than connecting, enjoying, and escaping to new and different places! Feel free to comment, ASK QUESTIONS, and start conversations! And please share a link to Communal Global on your blog (if you feel so inclined) and tell other women about it so that they can join in and share with us! So, why are you still here and reading? Go visit the new site! The first post is up! Yay!!


Wades said...

I LOVE this!!

Life with Kaishon said...

You only got one comment on this? Get out of the city! I am so excited I can hardly stand it : )