Sunday, November 15, 2009

"trash can travesty." OR "oh for the love of all things good and holy!" (you choose.)

I did the dishes this evening. (which, in LolaLand, is sort of an amazing feat in and of itself by the way...) I opened a red tupperware bowl full of leftover peanut butter frosting and scraped its (admittedly delicious smelling) contents into the garbage can. Bella's paws immediately came clacking onto the kitchen tile. She sniffed the base of the garbage can, then followed her nose to the lid, where the sweet scent of peanut butter was decidedly stronger. She turned and looked at me in horror, with a look of "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?" plastered all over her little face.
She sniffed the can again just to be sure it was really, really true. Then she waited next to it and hoped I would reconsider (or that, at the very least, the can would magically fall over and spill its delicious contents onto the tile floor). Sometimes she sleeps next to the kitchen trash can and dreams doggy dreams about egg shells waiting to be crunched, dancing tuna cans waiting to be licked clean, and sandwich crusts that want nothing more than to take the short (but surely divine) trip through her intestines. Bubbuh does it too. He has a fairly major "thing" for used tissues. ( Ew, I know.) Photobucket
Miss Bella stared at me for a long while, to see If perhaps I would change my mind. Then she closed her eyes and shook her head in disappointment...
and decided she was not amused.
I'm sure she'll forgive me.



Unknown said...

Haha! That's funny! Her name really suits her by the way. She is beautiful!

LMS said...

*****GASP*****Okay, after having tried the Peanut Butter frosting, how could one possibly throw it out. I think that it should be eaten on toast, pancakes, muffins, and a spoon right out of the bowl.