Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh wait, I DID feel a LITTLE bit like blogging:

Dear Jen,

You know how you're feeling really, extra, super, sad about Kiki Kitty today? I just wanted to say: "I'm so sorry! It's always hard, and I am sad that you're sad." On days like these, when you're feeling extra super pooey, I want you to remember 2 things:

1. You are super smokin' hot, and 2. You are currently growing what is genetically destined to be the cutest baby on the planet...and you look smokin' hot doing it (How is that even possible? I know, right? Go. You.)

Oh, and there's a 3.

3. I love you.

The end.


Anonymous said...

SERIOUS! She is rockin the barefoot and pregnant thing.
I want to be Jen. I do.

Jen Nelson said...

Three words:



Thank you!

(no really, thank you!!!)

Love you!!