Friday, August 7, 2009

a few things I'd like to discuss:

1. Library Fountain. I went to the library today to pick up a book (that someone metnioned on their blog) that I am officially dying to read. It's called "The Artist's Way" and it's about tapping into your full creative potential. I have only read the Intro so far, but I'll let you know how it is as I go. That, however, is neither here nor there at the moment. What I wanted to say was: as I was walking to my car, there were 4 kids (ages 6-14-ish) playing in the large fountain in the middle of the library walkway. They were squealing and laughing and totally drenched, and it just made me so happy. Nothing like spontaneous summer fun to make you want to cherish these fleeting days of warm, carefree existing. I was smiling ear to ear as I watched them play, and their mom (who was reading in the shade of a small, new tree) looked up and smiled at me as I passed. I'm not really getting at anything when I tell you this. It's just something I think I'd like to look back on and remember. (especially come January, when I'll need a sunny memory to pull me through). Cute kids, happy mom, summer in full swing. I love my sleepy, friendly little community.
2. Garden Upgrade. I bought new, tiny, white, pebble-y rocks for my front garden bed today. That's all. I'm excited.
3. I can do the math! Walmart has these annoying signs all over the "back to school supplies" aisles that say: "Do the math and save!" I just assumed that this was Walmart's obnoxious and arrogant way of saying, "Be smart, shop here and you'll save." But I found, upon further inspection, that this was not the case! I entered the aisle (with blinders on - I have a school supply obsession that I probably need to see a therapist about...) with the intention of stocking up on insane amounts of Glue Sticks (since Kortland goes through them like nobody's business). "Back to school" time is definitely the time for deals... and I found that I had some choices to make! The choices were these:
12 Pack of Elmer's Glue Sticks for $3.88 ($0.32 cents per stick)
3 Pack of RoseArt Glue Sticks for $0.88 ($0.29 cents per stick)
2 Pack of Elmer's Glue Sticks for $0.20 ($0.10 cents per stick)
Walmart wasn't kidding. I actually had to "do the math" to save!
And I got 12 gluesticks for $1.20 NOT $3.88.

And can I just say: Helloooo Walmart! Get it together. Since when does buying in bulk end up tripling the price? So weird!

And I also just wanted to say "Ha!" to all of those Algebra teachers from back in the day who made my life miserable and told me that there wasn't a single job in the world that didn't involve math. (Um, hello - I'm pretty sure that the job"writer" doesn't require complex mathematics. Neither does editor for that matter.) I am getting by just fine with a cell phone calculator and a little ingenuity. So there.

4. He left a trail, and I got busted. So , Kort and I have an understanding. When he decides that he's still a little hungry AFTER we've brushed his teeth and tucked him into bed, and we know that daddy will undoubtedly put the kibosh on a bed time snack because it will, in essence, ruin the very throrough toothbrushing that has recently taken place, Kort and I "understand" that he tells mom discreetly, I sneak a peice of soft yummy bread in to him without daddy knowing about it, and he devours all of the evidence (including the crust).
I am firmly convinced that in this scenario, everyone wins!
1. Daddy is confused when Kort has six cavities at his dental check up, and mom blames it on her bad teeth genes.
2. Kortland goes to bed quickly, and with a full tummy.
3. Mommy goes to bed with a clear conscience because she didn't have to deny tummy-comfort to her first (and only) born.
This whole plan, however, goes to H-E- double hockey sticks when Mommy gives said bread to an overly tired little man.
The Hubs just went in to check on Kortland and when he came out, he said the following:

"That's funny, I could not for the life of me understand why I smelled bread when I walked into his room. Well, that is, UNITL I FOUND A WHOLE PEICE OF IT IN HIS HAND!"
Ha ha ha! Busted! My exhausted little man fell asleep well before he had the chance to dispose of the evidence. The Hubs got a huge kick out of that. Oh well, I'll have to do a more in-depth evaluation of his level of sleepiness before commiting any more bedtime snack espionage!
That is all.

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