Monday, August 3, 2009

10 reasons i loved this morning.

1. i woke up in my own bed. (a freshly washed, yummy, yummy bed.)
2. i remembered that i got to snuggle with the hubs all night (and watch backed up episodes of so you think you can dance...can life get better than that? i think not.)
3. liza the cat snuggled the junk out of me and purred on my chest all morning. i heart her.
4. my darling child got up and got right back into his "home" routine (without me even having to ask him to - every mom's favorite - yes?) he got himself dressed, did his was great.
5. i took the dogs on a walk in NOT 110 degree weather! (nothing like 10 days in st. george and las vegas to make you love/appreciate a nice, solid 85 degrees in the a.m.!)
6. on my walk with the dogs, i saw two beautiful white ducks quacking around a neighbor's front yard, and a 3-year-old little neighbor boy ran out onto his porch (in his jammies) and said "do you see my ducks?" and i said "yes! they are beautiful ducks!" and he said "thanks, bye!" and i said "bye!" and he said "have a great day!" (ahhh ha ha ha ha!) i almost ran up to his porch and ate his face. i was still smiling three blocks later.
7. i noticed that my backyard is gorgeously green! (it was dark when we got home last night) and it turns out that while i was gone, the hubs (you know, the hunky one who fixed the impossible to fix sprinkler system?) put the sprinklers on a TIMER! (that's right, i just said a TIMER!) a timer that turns them on at 6:04 every morning. he must like getting jumped on. he keeps doing things that necessitate such an action.
8. i got the newest edition of VERANDA in the mail. (i heart nancy...i heart nancy...i heart nancy...)
9. i decided to randomly select a t-shirt from my closet this morning, and i happen to have pulled a royal blue one that has a giant picture of chuck norris on it. it says: "the only thing to fear is chuck himself." it makes me quite happy.
10. it's finally time (well, almost) to launch my biggest, best, absolutely MOST FAVORITE humanitarian project yet. i am so excited! i've been waiting, and waiting, and the waiting is almost over! so make sure you check in on wednedsay night! (that is when i'm revealing the winners of my 20,000 hits giveaway! remember, you can enter as many times as you'd like and there is a prize for 1) the winner of the drawing and 2) the winner for most entries received. i am a little shocked at how non- competitive ya'll have been! but hey, it's cool, to each his own. i, for one, would get on it! (enter here) as i have found some pretty fab stuff to give away!!! good luck to you all! it ends at 6:00 p.m. on wednesday (the 5th), and the winner will be announced at 8:00p.m.

a SMALL NOTE: i got a lot of votes "for" the scout story, but a really important vote - from the hubs- NOT to go forward with it. so it's been axed. he's right. i don't want to slander someone else in a lengthy, sassy blog-rant.

wait, actually, I TOTALLY DO- but it is my lesser nature that wants to sock it to her, and i should NOT feed my lesser nature as it is already leaps and bounds stronger than my better nature!

his pack leader was terribly immature and ungracious, and to be honest, i have had bad days too. granted, not nearly this bad...or petty...or silly... but i wouldn't want someone to go on and on and on about my less than respectable moment when i totally embarassed myself either. so, sorry for the teaser - i hate it when people do that! it's so dang annoying! feel free to comment slap me. (i would if i were you.) boo, lola. boo.


nancy said...

I know the SCOUT you should probably tell a little bit about it, because you don't want people thinking there was a molester boy scout leader. Because when anyone has a horrible experience with boy scouts, it always sounds like Mr. Scout leader took them in the basement and made them take their shirts off for some "pictures". Love ya.

Ashley Koz said...

That IS a great morning, love mornings like that. i can totally relate with how happy really green grass makes you AND getting your subscription magazine in the mail, pure bliss.

Ashley said...

I'll just have to hear the story from you in person! ;)

Anonymous said...

They've done studies, you know. 60%of the time, it works everytime. Who am I? Anyone...

Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don't play their game. Who am I? Anyone...