Friday, July 31, 2009

kortland the coppa

Kort marched down the stairs
(quite authoritatively)
and hollered
(at the top of his lungs)
"stick 'em up!"
We took one look at him
and burst into uncontrollable laughter.
He was delicious enough to eat.
(and therefore needed a mini photo shoot...of course)
Please resist the urge to bite your computer screen, mmmkay?
No good will come of it ;)


Anonymous said...

Mignon! (yeah, I totally learned that today)

Nisha said...

oh my gosh. He's the cutest most handsomest little guy EVER!

Shauntel & Jason said...

SOOO Cute!

Jen Nelson said...

Fun!! I am so jealous I'm in lame Utah county instead of playing with you in St. George!

SO said...

Oh. my. word. He is adorable! I'm glad you warned me against biting my computer because I was highly tempted.

Celeste said...

as my good friend Laura would say: "stop it right now. just stop it."

Cristi said...

OMGosh these pictures are soooo funny and cute I love it! And FYI, I did bite the computer screen and I think I chipped a tooth :D