Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tonight's goodnight 7.22.2009

lola and the kid, snuggling in his loft bed.
the 3rd season of "muppet babies"
(his current favorite) blaring from the telly.



i'm gonna tell you something,
but don't interrupt and don't
smile in the middle of it okay?


(the kid looks down as he picks at
his newly cleaned fingernails and smiles)

sometimes, when we are outside doing things, i think something to myself...but i don't tell anyone, not even you... and what i think to myself is...that... you are the prettiest mom in the whole world.

his smile lights up the sleepy, dim room.

i try not to smile, but totally can't help it.
then i kiss his face roughly 30-40 times as he shreiks:

"wait! are you wearing lipstick?"
(he askes this any and every time i kiss him...)

well, how on earth does he think i look so beautious all of the time!?

i want to remember this night forever.
i want to remember his aversion to lipstick forever.
one day there will be a woman in his life that he
thinks is more beautiful than me (and rightly so).
and one day, he won't mind the lipstick so much.
...but for NOW,
girls (and lipstick)
are yucky,
and i am his world...
i really, really like NOW.
(a lot)


Ashley Koz said...

STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Thats the cutest thing I've ever heard. That Kort man he's a good one boy.

SO said...

He is absolutely the cutest, sweetest kid ever. And I do mean ever.

Nisha said...

Are you serious? This boy is going to just absolutely be a dreamy husband one day.

Jen Nelson said...

He is ridiculous!

I cannot wait to have a son!!

Natasha Ireland said...

STOP IT...he's soo sweet, gotta love that Kort. PS Jen, you should be excited, there is something OH SOOOO SPECIAL about a mommy and her son (Ash would agree I'm sure)

JAMIE said...

that is awesome! What a great kid!

Laura said...

I love that story!! That means that you and Kyle are doing a good job as parents!! Sometime in August would be good for pictures...maybe then my life will be in somewhat less of a whirl-wind. Have a fun holiday weekend!

Mandy said...

He really is a sweetheart... It's great you can spend so much one-on-one time with him and get these super special moments. :)

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