Saturday, July 25, 2009

best day ever.

It begins with a breakfast of gummy worms...
Huh? (you may ask...or even gasp...)
This happens when mom and dad both that the other one took care of feeding our son his usual batch of healthy oatmeal and fruit during the hectic morning of packing, cleaning, and last minute grabbing! The conversation went a little something like this:

The kid is sitting in the back seat contentedly munching a fistful of squirmy, wormy, sugar-y delight, when the hubs asks:
"So, what did you feed him for breakfast?"
"Huh? I thought YOU fed him breakfast!"
(Yeah, that's how it went, we're losers...we get it.)

and it's followed by a special lunch date with gaga
at the wonderful Richfield Taco Time. (crisp meat burritos - holla!)
gaga tells the best stories...

it includes reuniting with old friends (and we're talking "good old Monroe Elementary School days old friends" so great to see all of them! They were beautiful, their kids were beautiful, it was so great to catch up for a bit! (amidst cotton candy, navajo tacos, and deep fried twinkies, no less. Can all ya'll say "HEAVEN?")

Taryn, Tiffany, Tasha, and Laura.

(Wow, I didn't even realize I was totally being outnumbered by T's!)

and what "perfect day" would be complete without old people square dancing? (I know, right?)

It definitely includes horse back riding...

(here's the money shot Amy! He is such a DOLL!)

and more reuniting with old friends

(and in this particular case: babysitters. This was her little boy.)

Amy was our favorite babysitter when we were

little turds

(okay, HUGE turds)

growing up in Monrovia!

and it can't possibly be the perfect day without slushies, cotton candy, and goldfish in Ziplocs.

and the rides...oh the rides

But what is the best, best, bestest of the bestest (better than all the restest) part of the perfect day? (you may ask)

A little somfin somfin we like to call




My FAVORITE part of the day was when I saw this little kid carrying an ENORMOUS catch back to his mom and 2 seconds later, Kort runs up to me (totally beaming) with this:

his very first catch of the day.

He. was. thrilled.

It got even better though.



shots of the day.

6 fish

and a lot of frolicking later,

Kort sat down and basked

in the glory of the day.

...and I basked in the glory

of watching my son

relish the same experiences

that I experienced

and lived

and breathed

and felt

and enjoyed

and savored

and valued

in the little town that is so dear to my heart

and so chalk full of incredible memories

and so special to me in every way imaginable

that I could literally burst with joy...

best. day. ever.


P.s. If you haven't already entered the 20,000 hits giveaway, DO IT! And even if you already have, do it again! I have laughed my butt off reading all of your awesome, hilarious comments! I have the best friends ever - seriously. So great. I'm thinking I'm also going to throw in a prize for the most comments period! ha ha! If it means more hilarious comments for me (an admitted comment whore) then hey! It's whatever! I am heading to Vegas on the hunt for "the perfect pair of earrings" (and I betcha I'll find 'em.) So, it's decided. Two prizes. One for the drawing, and one for the most comments - period! woo-hoo! Go here to enter. mmmmkay?

but don't enter on this post...

On this post, I want you to tell me what your best day includes, or your best childhood or tradition-based memory. Or you can tell me that my child has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever could say that too...I will probably agree. :)


Tasha said...

It was soo good to see you at the park! It was fun catching up with you and seeing that you are doing GREAT! hope to do it again sometime soon! maybe one of these days I can come up north and we can go to lunch with Linz!
BTW..thanx for taking that pic, way cute!!

JAMIE said...

This looks amazing! I wish my kids could experience the small town wonder and freedoms!

Cort does have the MOST beautiful eyes, he apparently takes after you!

C Stevens said...

Two thoughts...(1) We are headed to Richfield and Torrie this weekend. (2) I really need to follow you to where ever you shop - You always look great!