Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dear Self:

Next 4th of July, instead of going to a parade (and elbowing insane parade goers who have staked their spots 2 days in advance because they are...well...crazy, and getting a particularly unflattering and painful sunburn on your neck, and screaming - like WT - at your child because he just about got run over by horse and carriage...) go do this instead.

and eat buttermilk pancakes to your heart's content, and sit on a lawn chair in the shade of a 30 year old tree, and visit with your neighbors, and watch your kid feed their chickens, and carry their puppy all over the yard, and smile with joy because he's surrounded by friends and knows that this special day has more (and more, and more) fun in store. for him.

and take lots of pictures.
and drink too much orange juice.
and thank your Father in Heaven for friends
like the ones that you have.
And instead of going to the freedom festival (and sweating like a pig, and yelling - like WT, again- at your kid so he doesn't get lost, and perusing booth after booth after booth filled with dream catchers, bad jewelry, and really naughty - though admittedly delicious- fried foods...) go home and take a 2 hour nap, pack a day bag, and head up to Cedar Hills. ...and lay in your mother's bed with a newborn on your chest for hours on end (yes, I hogged Miss Lily all to myself - and I'm not sorry either.) and eat your favorite 7 layer dip, and talk with your mom and sis-in-law, and watch your kid do this:

and smile, and remember to cherish this moment because
he won't always think swinging is this exhilarating,
or that catching bugs is so fulfilling,
although...he will probably always think that Julia
is the greatest thing since sliced bread. (and he'll be right.)

and don't forget to remember that
freedom isn't free.
especially not today.
My brothers certainly didn't.

and even though you really love being the one who is planning the parties and cooking the food...remember to leave the 4th of July BBQ-ing to Bryan. Because he is officially the king.

And instead of going to a crowded rodeo (and finding out that none of you can sit together because the bleachers are too full because you live in a city and not a wonderful little rural town with a population of around 800...) Sit on the lawn and talk to your parents and watch the kids do this:

and this:

and be sure to help make a few family memories while you're at it:
and take pictures until your toddler is sick of it.
and then take a few more...for good measure.
(Nice "pirate" Lily, good form.)
and be thankful for an amazing sis-in-law (Cristi - holla!) who is the perfect match for your brother (a fact proven by the undeniable adorableness of their two children.)
and also be thankful for your brother's girlfriend. A gorgeous girl who loves your brother even though he likes to (occasionally) dress like this:
and do stuff like this:

And be sure to oooh and ahh as
jets and helicopters fly overhead.
and watch a mom laugh with her son.

And instead of going to Stadium of Fire (and dealing with crowds, and noise, and horrible traffic, and the hot sun - if you're sitting on "the bad side" and dare I say it... The Jonas Brothers? *Blech!* ) Make your own firework show with a $19.95 box from Walmart filled with 32 fireworks with different packaging, and different, exciting names such as "Razzle Dazzle" and "Rising Sun" but all make the same fountains of gold, red, green, and silver sparkles over, and over, and over again.

and don't forget the "Fat Boys"
you can't forget those.

and take a moment to cuddle with your boy,
and tell him you love him.
and that you always have so much fun
when he's around.

Then go back to square one,
the site of the "4th of July Pancake Breakfast"
and close with another, final firework show,
and laugh at the "suckas" sitting in Stadium of Fire traffic
while you watch your kid (and all of his friends) play with these:
and eat fresh strawberry pie with the flakiest,
most perfect crust you've ever tasted.

and, of course, remember what it's all about
(Yay, Freedom! Go you!)
So, Self... next year,
when you think you wanna
go and go and go all day
in the hot, hot heat
with the crazy crowds...
Do this all over agian instead,
And STILL don't forget to enter my drawing for a FREE photography session!


Kristina P. said...

I love your brothers.

Vickie said...

Looks like your 4th of July was great. Family is the best! Do you remember when Bryan lit your whole bag of fireworks on fire when you lived here? I think he did it because he was mad or something. Bryan did do a lot of crazy things back in the day. I'm glad you had a great day.

Jen Nelson said...

I am so jealous you hogged baby Lily!

Bryan and Trev are the best ever! Julia is a keeping and Crisi is the best!

Looks like a fabulous day!


Nisa said...

What a fun day! That is awesome!

Carly and Coen said...

looks like you guys had a blast!!! what on EARTH is your brother wearing though... hahahaha

SO said...

Your brothers make me laugh!! Your boy makes me smile. And the food makes me drool! We don't ever do the parade. My family has a big enough celebration and we love it. Ours includes sourdough pancakes. Oh yes it does.