Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lola hits the mountains (Part 6)

Morning Frolic.

Always an exciting find.
I wonder what could live here...?

Oh the many wonderful uses of pine cones.

Bubbuh never met a mud puddle he didn't like.
Please enjoy the sunshine-y delicious glow on Bubbuh-Rooney.
I would live there permanently.
I seriously would.
Who needs civilization when you have that many trees?
Find of the hour.


Ashley Koz said...

Just shut your mouth!!! Holy freaking mother trucker!!! WE ARE MOVING THERE TOMORROW! These pictures are so great I can't even take it. Gosh I heart Utah!

Natalie Murray said...

Beautiful! I love the mountains...where did you go? Miss you girlie!

Jen Nelson said...

Um, yeah... where is that and why DON'T we live there? I mean, at least during the summer...

Gorgeous pics lady! You could seriously sell those! And honestly - I want to eat your child. I cannot get enough of him!

missed you!