Friday, May 15, 2009

yep. cool.

Dude, my little brother is awesome.

He and his friend, Jace, are releasing "Burnsron Shorts" just in time for summer.
And he (as in, the one in the amazing panther shirt and Grandpa Headlee's old glasses) is going to Africa tomorrow to help orphans for a month.
Can't get more awesome than that.
Just can't.
1. He has a wide variety of Native American, Bear, Panther, Wolf, Wizard, and Unicorns shirts.
2. He sings a mean Neil Diamond.
3. He is dating the cutest girl in the world. (Julia - holla!)
4. He makes Burnsron Shorts.
and 5. he now helps orphans in Africa. (for like, a month)

Beat, you.

Click here to watch the video, as it is clearly not functioning on its own.

1 comment:

Nisa said...

lol! Hilarious! Yeah, you have cool brothers. Wanna trade? Just kidding!