Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Really, Gold's Gym? ...really?

Kay, so I know that the following advertisement is obviously meant to be a little bit tongue in cheek. I get that. I do. Let's just get that out of they way right now.

But still, Gold's Gym, really?

This is like one of those advertising ideas that is really funny (and even somewhat witty) to talk about (and laugh about) during an ad campaign brainstorming session, but usually someone with an ounce of common sense (or decency, or sensitivity, or insert word of choice here_______) puts the ki-bosh on it before it ever sees the light of day!

Here? Not so much. What the heck Gold's Gym? Where was "common sense guy"?

Is it fair to say that someone with absolutely NO "inner beauty" (we're talkin' zero, zilch,, at all.) wouldn't really have any idea as to "how far" said inner beauty can go?

Is that a fair assessment? I don't know, I think that's pretty fair. Geez Gold's Gym, as if meat-heads and barbie bimbos don't have enough obstacles to overcome, now they have to work out at a facility whose motto is "Inner beauty only goes so far?" Ouch.

I guess I'm just a little sensitive because I've been following this blog for a while now, and as a result, I am firmly convinced that there is no end to how far inner beauty can take a person, especially where this girl is concerned. No end in sight. No end in existence.

and can I just tell you... I actually saw Nie the other day. I did. She was shopping with her sister. I only saw her for a moment. She was leaving a store just as I was entering it, and I thought: great style, short hair, burn gloves, darling, freckled sister...wait a second...


(like, in the loudest inner-brain scream you can even imagine.) And my stomach filled with butterflies, and I got all nervous and excited inside and IMMEDIATELY had to resist the impulse to chase her down and interrupt her lovely sister-shopping-sesh with frantic/weirdo/creepy proclamations of "I love you!" and "Let's be best friends forever mmmkay?!"

So I just watched them go, and then turned to Kyle and said:

"That was Nie!!! The coolest girl/mom/person/sister/human being ever!" (Yes, I actually speak in slashes when I'm excited. Weird, I know.) "Honey, you don't even know how exciting that is for me. I would rather meet Nie than Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry, and Angelina Jolie put together! She is so cool!"

So anyway... In conclusion, Gold's Gym is lame. Seriously. What were they thinking? It isn't bad enough that they "legally" lie through their teeth about "great" (pretend/not at all what they claim to be/fake) deals and promotions just to get you in the door, then gouge you left and right with hidden fees and taxes and what not, but then they're actually dense enough to come out with an ad campaign that only a complete moron (or satan... or Super Dell) would sign off on? Wow. How embarassing.

Again, I know they're kidding, I get that.

They're also just really, really stupid,

a P.R. nightmare, to say the very least.


Kristina P. said...

It definitely seems tacky, to say the least. Maybe they can team up with Burger King, and do something about Baby Got No Back or something like that.

Nisha said...

I think Golds Gym equals slimy scum.

Lisa said...

It's kind of true though, not that I agree with the advert, buy why else are we all working out, getting our hair did, putting on make-up etc...
How cool you saw Nie! I didn't even know she lived in UT.

the Lola Letters said...

Hello, you're talking to someone who was very recently stupid enough to work her booty off for 4 months and get into a swimsuit on stage in front of 650 people all in the name of winning the title of "Mrs. Utah" I've clearly been wading at the shallow end of the pool as of late, but even I think this advert is moronic! ha ha!

Ashley said...

Wow. That makes me want to throw up. Stupid Gold's Gym. That seriously just makes me want to cry. I don't know why. As if enough of us don't suffer from poor self esteem already. Ugh. Ok, so I don't know why I am getting all emotional about that stupid advertisement. What is wrong with me? No, I'm not pregnant. No, it's not that time of the month. I don't know. But yeah, I spit on you Gold's Gym!

And I agree with Lisa, it's true...we all try our best to work out and look our best. It's just the fact that some stupid a$$ actually went so far as to put that on their advertisement! What is this world coming to?

Now on to Nie... so my mom told me that I should read her blog. I checked it out, but I can't for the life of me find an entry where she tells us what happened to her? I'm so confused. What kind of an accident was she in? What are all these surgeries about??? Please enlighten me.

the Lola Letters said...

Her husband was in training to become a pilot and they were in a horrible crash. The flight instructor who was on the plane with them passed away, and she and her husband were badly injured and burned. He was burned on over 30% of his body and she was burned on over 80%. They were both in comas for around 3 months. It was insane. But you have to go back, back, back really far in her blog to get an idea of who she was. She is just this insanely talented, insanely beautiful person and the stuff she has written about her children and husband and her life as a mother of 4 is just unreal.

Reading her entries now, I'm just amazed at her broad, intelligent life perspective and her blunt honesty is refreshing (and charming, and endearing).

Yeah, I'm kind of a creepy Nie- stalker-girl...but I'm not ashamed. I think everyone should be mild-to-moderately obsessed with her. She's one of the few "celebrities" actually deserving of it. (and not because she survived a plane crash and is being completely awesome about it...she was awesome before that...the awesomeness is simply continuing.)

Barbaloot said...

Please please send this to Gold's Gym. I mean, maybe take some of the personal stuff out as they may not get it...but seriously, they need to see it!

Natalie Murray said...

I saw that ad the other day & had to roll my eyes in disgust!!! The is exactly opposite of the message that I am trying to send...that we should do everything in our power to make our apperance as pleasing as possible but inner beauty counts for far more than outer beauty & when we can learn to love everything about ourselves from our personalities to our body shapes, & forget about ourselves and think of others, then we will radiate that inner beauty & will truly be beautiful on the outside!!! Thanks for the comical post!!!

Natalie Murray said...

K I just read my post and am not sure if it makes complete sense...oh well, you get my drift!

SO said...

I absolutely adore Nie. I found her through her sister C Jane not long after the crash. She just amazes me with her optimism and courage. She is and will be beautiful no matter what.

I hate, hate, hate the way that the world portrays beauty. I think that there are so many incredibly beautiful women out there that men don't get the chance to know because they can't see past the outside looks like. And thanks to Golds Gym this will continue to occur.

Gold Gym....Grrrr......