Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ah memories... when was the first time you lost yours?

I was just reading this delightful post,
and it brought back a choice and delightful
childhood * memory.
So, I decided to comment and share the
nostalgia and joy
with my good friend SO.

and here is what I said:

"Ah, brings back memories of a beautiful,
breezy spring day in Monroe, Utah.
I remember it well.
I lost my very first crown to a Sugar Daddy,
(as in, the delicious caramel sucker,
and not a rich, creepy man that had somehow
made his way onto my bus...just so we're clear.)
I had to go to the dentist right away.
It was worth it.
It always is."
Seriously, when was the first time you lost yours?
(Presuming that, as a child, you ate too much sugar, had lame enamel and had to get a crown in the first place...that is.)


Nisa said...

That is one of those things I just can't remember. Let me try again. hmm... Nope, no memory of loosing teeth ever. Oh except my wisdom teeth at 16. Does that count? I was eating pizza that night. I remember that much.

Carly and Coen said...

ah so funny! i was actually talking to your brother Andrew online a few weeks ago... reminicing of times spent in your living room, watching cartoons, eating SUGAR DADDY'S!!! I can honestly say that is the only time i've ever had a sugar daddy... so every time i think or hear of them, i think of the times we hung out in your living room at your red brick house in Marysvale.... :)

Natalie Murray said...

I don't remember very much about my childhood, does that count? I only remember certain events, not the way my mom consoled me when I was sad or having talks with her or my dad...there's nothing that weird?

SO said...

Ha! Thanks for the shout out.

The first one I actually lost was to a Riesen. Mmmmmmm *drool* I love those caramels covered in chocolate. And I too love Sugar Daddy's I haven't had one in forever!

Aubry Macbean said...

I have s never had a crown. I had (maybe still have) really good tooth enamel. I am pretty sure I ate a lot of candy. I still remember saving my changed and riding my bike down to the Ferron Merc with Jill and Monica to buy penny candy, suckers, nickle and dime candy. Ahh the good old days. I still crave that kind of candy. To bad no one actually sells it for a penny:(