Thursday, April 2, 2009

campfire at the creighton residence

You've been pretty fickle this year, but i still wanted to say...

thanks for days like this one.

would you believe that this is the face of a pup who is actually happy to see me?(because it really is. this is W's "i'm so excited i feel it all the way to the end of my nose" face.)
i was also delighted to find that Tana had just adopted a fresh little batch of these:
can anything be more "spring" than baby chicks?
i want chickens so bad.
there's just something
and calming
about chickens.
(and no, these warm, fuzzy feelings
do not take into account
the pooping,
the chattering,
or the smell...)
that's just not how i roll.
i like to think of all of the pros
and none of the cons.
this is also why i bite off more than i can chew
like, all the time.
with everything.

fresh baby chicks and fresh puppies too?
i love you spring.
i love you with all my heart.
they say you learn something new everyday...
well, today i learned that fire roasted red vines
are a gift straight from heaven.

boys will be boys.
he's got his roasting face on alright.
marshmellow meltination is serious business folks.
thanks march.
(seriously. thanks.)


Kristina P. said...

When did you have a day like that?!?! I haven't seen one, stupid March.

Nisha said...

I'm not so convinced on the fire roasted red vines. I think I'll stick to marshmallows.