Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We found a home for them today...

and i honestly feel like i'm going to die.
i wasn't prepared for how sad i would feel.
i've known all along that we weren't going to keep them...but still,
they grew on me and i loved them so much...
and i just want to know:
when am i going to stop being that
12 year old who wants to take in
every stray on the planet?
i am so heartbroken right now, it's ridiculous.
oh brother.

so, today went from "good day" to "really, really, unexpectedly rough day."
that's life.
i think i need to shop.
maybe for new boots.
and i really like these.

but i don't know which color i'd get (i'm thinking the creamy-tan)...and i also love these:

and fortunately, they just come in one color so i don't have to be plagued with the ins and outs of footwear decision-making in my time of great sorrow and distress.
but i'm probably not going to buy either of them due to the fact that i'm working tirelessly to fund raise for orphaned and vulnerable children half a world away and i can't really justify (or stomach) the purchase of $200 boots when i know what $200 can do in Zambia...but they sure are nice to look at. anyone wanna hit some local thrift stores then go out for cheesecake with a sad girl?
i'm taking a hot bath,
having another good cry
- or 3 -
and snuggling with my boys
for the rest of the night.
that oughta do it.


Ashley Koz said...

sadness! I never even got to meet them:(

SO said...

Awwww. :( Sorry you had to say goodbye to them but I think it's great that you found them a loving new home.

Becca said...

I'm sorry about your babies...and definitely creamy tan...and if you can find something as great as those in a thrift shop--then count me in!

Jen Nelson said...

Aw! I'm excited you found a home for them! They are so darling! I can't imagine how much you are going to miss them! Leif was saying last night that he misses his 'goggies'. We only had them overnight!

You know I'll hit local thrift stores and eat cheesecake with you! Duh! You don't even have to ask! Just tell me when and where!

Love you!

Barbaloot said...

When you're done staying in...I'm happy to hit up thrift stores with you:)

And also, I'm still waiting for you to tell me how I can help out with your crazy Prom business.

Janyece said...

You just have such a big heart. That's why we all love you, so you can stop being the 12 year old girl (not that you have been) but don't stop taking care of the things you love! Hope you feel better soon! *hugs from VA*

Laura said...

Oh, so sad! I am so glad I got to meet and snuggle with them! What are you going to do now that you don't have your secret wake up weapons?? :) I am very gald that you found a good home for them (not a yucky puppy mill person) and that they will be loved for many more years! I think we really are sould spirits...I tend to want to take in anything that has a pulse and is breathing if it wanders my way!

Kristen said...

sorry! hope you feel better soon!
love ya!