Tuesday, March 17, 2009

breakfast surprise

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Kay, so, Kortland's kindergarten teacher has been telling the class all about "naughty little leprechauns" for the past week or so. She's positively enchanted them all week with tales of leprechauns playing little tricks and making mini-disasters everywhere they went.

And you know Kort, he didn't love that concept at all.


And it certainly didn't give him any ideas as to how he would conduct himself on the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day at all...

Hmmm-m, no...no, it didn't.

And it certainly couldn't have been the reason for why Kyle found a delightful assortment of spring-fresh, sleepy slugs and worms on my side of the bed (all tucked in) two days ago.

(Did I just hear you exclaim

"Oh no he di-in't!"

in the most ghettoest voice you could muster? Thought so.)

Oh, yes. Yes he did.

But I still made a special, s*u*r*p*r*i*s*e* St. Patty's Day breakfast for him because:

1. He gave us fair warning "I'm going to be a naughty little leprechaun because it's almost St. Patrick's Day!" 2. It's in his genes...have you MET his uncles? (or me, for that matter? I was the queen of bad ideas when I was little!)and 3. He's an only child, what else am I going to do?...and what if he's the only one I ever get to have? I couldn't miss out on this chance to make him a special, nasty, disturbingly green breakfast! That's a no-go. So, this is how our morning went:

Mom goes and pokes the groggy little sleeper-inner. He won't budge. Mom tries to lure him with promises of a breakfast surprise... to which comes the pillow-muffled reply: "I can already smell it. It's pancakes." So mom sicks the fluffy licking machines on him and that does the trick.

"K bud, you have to close your eyes."
(I -the mom- am seriously so excited right now. and his hair, is seriously so amazingly, deliciously messy right now.)

"Keep 'em closed. No peeeeeking."
(I need more time to get more "eyes-closed" photos because he looked so darn cute. He was giving that "close your eyes" instruction everything he had! Look at the squint on that kid!)

(He l.o.v.e.d. it).

(no, really, he did!)

the end.


Kristina P. said...

I miss my mom doing this kind of thing. I do not miss her corned beef and cabbage, however.

Kiersten said...

Oh oh oh. I *love* that he took the whole naughty leprechaun thing as a challenge rather than a warning.

What a cute, cute kid. Cute mom, too ; )

SO said...

Oh you can tell he loved it! How fun.

Ashley Koz said...

Is that green eggs and pancakes, how lucky Kort is to have such a fun, caring, creative mommy

Ashley Koz said...

and the pancakes are even in the shape of shamrocks! Thats just crazy!

nancy said...

Well, what else did I expect from the 25 hour day, 8 day week, 366 day year kind of mom? Green breakfast is one thing, but you go above and beyond with the shamrock shape. He should feel lucky. I could only muster enough gag reflex retrain to make green eggs without gagging myself silly. I know kids love this kind of stuff, but really??? YUCK!!!!

Janyece said...

That is awesome! The breakfast and the delicious squinting that is... The worms and slugs not so much, but kudos that he gave you fair warning! That's more than I ever did as a kid. I tried very hard to be sneaky!

Mandy said...

I made green ham and potato casserole. And I have a hard time eating it. :)
You're great! Sorry for the fun surprise you were left on your bed!

Becca said...

I love the messy hair and the closed eyes. And I'm jealous of your nice green food coloring. I had to mix my green and blue just to make a scary florescent green concoction and it didn't go over nearly as well as the real green stuff does!

And...I'm sorry I bashed the corned beef...I'm glad someone likes it!