Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank heaven for good friends...and good cousins too!

Kortland went to play at his friend Cody's house today.
Cody took him into his room and said:
"Look! My mom and dad gave me a stereo!"
Kortland took one, good, solid look at it, and said:
"That's for teenagers. I'm not going to look at it."
Cody said:"It's not for teenagers, it's mine, and it plays music. Look, it really..."
"I'm not playing with it." Kort insisted.
"That" (he says, pointing a sharp finger at the big black box) "is for TEENagers"
Cody starts to get upset because he doesn't understand why Kortland would be acting this way, so Tana (Cody's mom) suggests that the boys forget about the stereo for now and go watch a movie in the T.V. room. ..Later, when she tells me of the stereo debacle, I am utterly confused! I have no idea as to where he is getting this stuff! Why does he think that stereos are for teenagers?
He HAS one in his room!
So, I tell Kyle about it, and he IMMEDIATELY lights up and starts laughing.

It turns out that the other day, his cousin came over to play, and while they were looking through the video games, his cousin said:
"See this T that's on here? That means that it's for TEENS and we're never supposed to play the stuff that is T for Teens!"
Kyle theorized that Cody's stereo was "Toshiba" or some brand name that started with a "T" and was therefore, "rated T for TEENS" and sure enough - when I examined Cody's stereo, it had a big T right on the front!
Ahh ha ha ha!
I can't believe Kort actually took that counsel to heart!
I love this little nephew of mine! He is SO DARN SWEET and always wants to do what is right. Hopefully his influence will continue to rub off on Kort! We all had a good laugh when I explained everything to Tana. And YES, I now fully intend to tell him that ALL bad things are rated "T for TEEN!"
...until he's a teenager, at least.
Man, that could really backfire now couldn't it?


Kristina P. said...

He looks like a boy enthralled by video games, that's for sure! He should totally play video games in a Snuggie.


Brian and I had a good laugh at your post. SO CUTE!

Janyece said...

That is so hilarious! Oh my gosh! Xander is wondering why I'm laughing so hard!

Jen Nelson said...

Too cute!!

Mrs. Cheeseball said...

Muahahah! I love it! Love it!

nancy said...

I love that my kid actually was being a good influence and not trying to peer pressure your kid into playing a Teen game. Wow, its always nice to hear when something you have taught them actually stuck! Should we go and write T on everything we don't want them to touch. Like my twinkies, my computer, or my soda? I guess if we can use the "T" rating until they are 13 and have them believe it is for their own good, why not? By then we will need to introduce "M" for mature, so they stay away from those things. And we can start putting M's on every girl they see, maybe it will work. We can only hope. And when they go on their missions we can tell them about stange houses so they don't get locked in a basement. And, and, and, and.....Oh the agony of parenting. All we can do is throw everything we can at them and hope some stick without knocking them out completely.