Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've been tagged

...and I already have this on facebook, so if you read it there, it's the same here :)

I tag:

Rules:Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 5 people to be tagged.

1- I get really jealous of actresses when I go to plays because I think acting is so fun and I wish I would have pursued it more diligently when I was younger. There's nothing quite like making hundreds of people laugh, or feel joy, or feel inspired like that. Too fun. I'm glad I'm a mom now, and I'm only interested in doing community theatre type projects that won't take me away from my family now, but I could have grown and stretched SOOO much more when I was High School and College age. And I regret that I didn't.

2- I am so in love with my husband that it's actually pretty annoying/gross/ridiculous...but what can I say? I lucked out and I'm his biggest fan...ever.

3- I hate "texting." Hate. it. I am so slow, and I cannot multi-task, so texting is the hugest social impediment ever!

4-I love making new friends and talking to new people.

5- 25 random things seems like A LOT, as I am currently out of things to say. I guess it's time to get REALLY random.

6- I am allergic to 99% of perfumes and colognes, and a lot of guys I dated back in the day ruined any chance of us hitting it off before we even had a chance to get to know each other because their cologne made me so sick that I couldn't enjoy myself.

7- I don't understand why everyone can't just be kind to everyone else. I hated that about high school, and to this very day I can't respect or trust people who are consciously hurtful toward others - even though I know that people only do it because they feel badly about themselves...I still don't like it, and I just don't see the need for it.

8- I didn't get an epidural when I gave birth to our little boy, and I loved every second of it. I know it's not for everyone, and I don't have any beliefs about epidurals being "bad" or anything, I just really wanted to try it. I wanted to challenge myself, and I thought it sounded like a worthy challenge...and indeed, it was!

9- I want to have a whole bunch of kids, but it's just not happening. People probably think that it's weird for me to talk so openly about it, but I'm just an open book. That's how I roll. I'd rather people know the facts rather than speculate behind my back...

10- My cat died over a year ago and I'm still not over it. (L.a.m.e. I know!) He was the cutest cat ever and I am so sad he's gone. I miss him, and it stinks, and I still get completely choked up about it when I think of him.

11- I am a major animal person. If I could have 20 dogs, I totally would. I want Kyle to make millions of dollars just so I can open and run my own no kill shelter and have a house big enough to accommodate a TON of dogs and still not get stinky. That's my dream, people. I'm totally destined to be the stinky cat lady. I think I'm actually possessed by the spirit of the woman who sold us this house. Which leads me to...

12- The woman we bought our house from was a crazy (but REALLY sweet) cat lady who had 5 dogs, 4 cats, several birds, several tanks of fish, and over 200 potted plants in her house. Stinky? Well, that' s an understatement my friends. Anyway, almost 2 years after she sold us the house and moved to Mt. Pleasant, she was murdered by her boyfriend (no, I'm not kidding) in her new home. It may sound crazy, but I think she's moved back in with us and is constantly telling me to get new pets. We have adopted a hamster, 2 dogs, and 4 frogs since her passing. It's just a theory but...

13- I love gardening. I could do it all day. I dream about it in the winter and start sketching my garden layout and buying seeds in February because I am so eager to dig in and get my hands dirty. We really should relocate to a place that has more than 6 weeks of summer!

14- Not really, I love Springville, and even though my life has been pretty transient (moved 8 times before 18)and I really like moving to new places, I think we may stay here forever. I love it here.

15-My mom is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I am so proud of her. It's fun when the kids get to be proud of their parents, and I'm grateful to have kind parents who I love and look up to. I know everyone doesn't always get so lucky and I don't take that blessing for granted.

16- I would love to record an album of duets (hymns and such) with my mom. Our voices blend really well (go figure) and I think it would be a ton of fun.

17- I love anything social or creative. writing, visiting, singing, painting, karaoke, photography...etc

18- I still really want to train dolphins and killer whales at sea world. I think it's one of those childhood dreams that just isn't going to go away. We went to sea world this past summer and I was seething with jealousy all over again. I would give anything to do that, but ALAS, I still have to plug my nose when I jump into the swimming pool - so it appears that such a thing was never meant to be.

19- I drive a really junky car because it is paid off and as long as we don't buy a car, we don't have any bills. I'm a bill-a-phobe. I can handle utilities and insurance bills, but beyond that, I avoid new bills at all costs. My car is hilarious. You would love it. A-mazing.

20- My mother-in-law did NOT like me when I married Kyle. She already had someone better picked out for him, (someone with long hair, and great cooking and cross-stitching skills...yeah, kinda like a pioneer... a very celestial, good looking pioneer.) but he would just NOT get on board and she hated that!) After we had our son, she started coming around, and now I really love her and we have a great relationship. She is one of my best friends.

21- I'm addicted to blogging.

22- I love egg nog SO's unnatural. It's so wrong it's right.

23- My brothers and I beat each other to bloody pulps when we were kids. Our motto was "Violence is ALWAYS the Answer" We also pretended we were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all the time. I was always Raphael (the one with the attitude problem...go figure). Now we are the best of friends and I don't know what I'd do without any of them. They are completely awesome in every way and so far, BRY and DREW have married amazing women, so family gatherings are the best. (Don't screw it up Trevor!)

24- I have a pair of Pink Puma sneakers that I have run into the ground, but I can't bring myself to throw them away. I love them, and I bought them for $17.00 at the outlets in Vegas and I have an especially hard time parting with my "good deals" (oh, and I have never before played indoor soccer -and I probably never will. I've found that legitimate indoor soccer players find this to be mild-to-moderately-to-extremely annoying...depending on which legitimate indoor soccer player we're referring to, that is. And no, I don't know many. Not well anyways...)

25- I am writing a novel, but I'm really embarrassed about the fact that I'm writing a novel. Maybe it's good, and maybe it's junk...I guess I won't know until I get it out there - sooo much anxiety - yikes. I don't really tell a lot of people that, so, shhhhhh, don't tell, kay?

26- Sorry, I know I'm all out of numbers, but I forgot to say that my sis-in-law made out with Jason Priestly on an airplane 1 week before the first episode of Beverly Hills 90210 aired! Ha ha! Am I officially the coolest person you know now? I know, right? (It's pretty sad when your claim to fame doesn't even involve YOU, but, it's whatever.)


Kristina P. said...

I found out that a girl in the anger management class I teach has like 20 animals! 16 dogs and 4 cats!!

the Lola Letters said...

Wow, I guess we now have an idea as to how she manages HER anger! ha ha! (I envy her. ;)

Celeste said...

um, yeah, I'll be politely declining your tag for a while. Seriously, how hard was it to come up with these charming facts about yourself? My brain is too drained right now. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours! Maybe one day.

Heather said...

Thanks, Laura! You are so funny. Can't wait to read your novel.

Anonymous said...

In response to number 20: SO FUNNY! I remember sitting by your Mom in church shortly after you kids got married and she said she "wasn't thrilled" about Kyle when she first met him but that after she got to know him better she had to be "way repentant". I was shocked!
Parent's don't initially always know best do they?
I can't wait until my parents have the opportunity to reject my choice of partner!

Anonymous said...

Also, don't feel jealous of lame-O actresses. You have the ability of "making hundreds of people laugh, or feel joy, or feel inspired" jusy by existing. And you don't even have to pretend :)
That my dear, is talent.

Anonymous said...

why does this thing not come with spell checker!?

Jen Nelson said...

I'm with Lisa - we NEED spell check! Yikes!

And um, can I boycott this? I'm not that interesting... really.