Sunday, January 18, 2009

we did it, we did it, we did it... yeah!

St. George...
i love your face in the morning
Somebody had the brilliant idea to
burn some weeds right next to our running trail.
Thoughtful kinda.
The fire department came to put it out.
It was a bit smokey.
starting line.
then we ran.
We ran and ran and ran and ran...
...and it actually felt really good!
and I ran the whole time and didn't even wimp out once!
I decided to keep pace with Jen (for better or for worse)because I was afraid that I might wimp out if I lost sight of her. I was so excited as we neared the end of the run, I reached out, took Jen's hand in mine, and triumphantly thrust our hands high above our heads as we crossed that finish line... Okay, no I didn't. But I totally wanted to. I was on a majorly cheesy runner's high, and it felt like a good idea in the moment. Luckily, the part of my brain that is NOT incredibly nerdy took over just in the nick of time, and we jogged across the finish line normal people.
I look like a little boy, I know! Ha ha!
But I had to wear a beanie because I have very sensitive little ears.

Couldn't have done it without my trusty zune,
and beloved poodle gloves that I won in the
Johnson Family Reunion Raffle.

She's kind of a big deal.
They gave out chips that you clip to your shoe and it gets a more accurate read on your race time. Jen was excited because it's the sort of thing they use in all of the "big races." So, we had to take a picture. Leave it to Jen to see to it that her racing shoes perfectly match her clip-thingy.

The Sweater and Beanie that they gave out for the race. We were happy that the "half-marathon" wording was more noticeable than the 5k wording. That way people will look at the sweaters and assume that we are completely awesome runners instead of mediocre ones. (yessssssss!) Hey, I'll take what I can get.


Kristina P. said...

COngrats! Looks like you had a great time.

I just texted my friend who ran, to make sure she's still alive. She and her husband are on their way to Vegas. She said that she has two black toes!

She's also going to H&M. I sort of hate her right now.

Nisha said...

Hello, 29 minutes with no serious preparation = awesome! I'm wondering what you thought about the All Bran crackers and hummus. I picked up the same combo the other day and thought the bran crackers were way too sweet for the hummus. And they totally made me sick to my stomach (not sure if it was the crackers or the hummus). Haven't touched either since.

the Lola Letters said...

Ooo, I really loved the combo, but our hummus was really garlic-y and salty. It might be the pregnant that's causing the problem! I know that my sense of smell was outta control when I was pregnant with Kort, so I was very careful about what foods I combined and what I ate in general.

Janyece said...

Yea!! Good for you!

Jen Nelson said...

Yay! You seriously rock my socks!! I am so proud of you!

That was SO much fun!