Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tell all tuesday, a second helping.

Picking right up where we left off...

(Oh, and if you're pressed for time, the adolescent gold is in the final entry at the bottom.)

Dear Journal,

I was late to school this morning but oh well! After school Chantel and I forgot that we had ballet.
Oooops! So we just didn’t go. Tonight I had play practice. (I’m an Indian in the play Peter Pan!)
It’s so much fun. My Indian costume is gonna have blue and green and silver beads on it.
HOW PRETTY! Well at play practice tonight, my friend Summer came to watch us rehearse.
Well, after I did my first scene we decided to go buy a pop. There were some girls in the hall and
one of them was a cheerleader from my squad. I sat by the doorway and listened to her gossip
about me! She even talked bad about her best friend! I let her know that I heard everything she
said, & now, I’m not talking to her. Oh well, there are terrible people in the world and we just have
to deal with them. **yes, there are just terrible, TERRIBLE people in this world, like people who
murder, steal, lie, cheat, kick puppies, and talk about other cheerleaders behind their backs…(of
course.) Let's not forget about that bunch. I honestly couldn’t tell you who’s worse outta that
shady lot. We should probably lock 'em all up – just to be safe** It’s her problem from now on.
I let her know how I felt and the rest is up to her! On the way home we stopped at the store and
bought potato logs and cheese sticks. Yummy! **I have no idea why I was chunky in high school
…no idea at all.** After I got home, I stretched out, **as in, “cheerleader stretched out”…ya know,
so I would have awesome toe touches and such…** but it hurts my knee really bad, and I don’t
know why! Well, then I braided a tiny bit of my hair then put maroon, light pink, white, and gold
beads at the end of it. It looks so cute! **As you can clearly see, I suffered from some serious
bouts of low self esteem on a regular basis.**

Dear Journal,

The pen isn’t working too swell, so bear with me. I haven’t written to you for the past few days so
here’s a catch up. Wednesday Sitka (my dog) got really sick and threw up a lot! They think she has
the disease Parvo. It usually kills dogs, but we got to the vet soon enough that she’ll be alright. This
messed up or plans to stay in the hotel “Olympia Park” in Park City, but we left Sitka at the vet’s
overnight and got to Park City at 10:00 p.m. We swam in the pool that night, then watched the
movie “Dumb and Dumber.” It is so…how do you say it?...DUMB! Well, then I went to sleep! The
next day, I went swimming after breakfast. (That thing about cramps if ya swim right after ya eat
NOT TRUE!) Well, after swimming, I went up to our hotel room and did my hair and stuff then I went
down to the pool to read. *I was SO chic like that…you don’t even know.* There were 6 guys that
were in the pool and they were so cute! They kept on looking at me and saying “Hi.” Oh well. My
dad bought us goggles and they were so fun. (even though one pair totally didn’t even work). Well,
the next day, we packed up and left. (but) we went to my grandparent’s house in Marysvale! On the
way there, my mom bought me a raspberry yogurt and it was so yummy! Then we picked up Sitka
and my mom bought me a dress for Easter and the speech meet. It’s so pretty! When we got to
Maryvale, my cousins and I decided to go to the movie “Tommy Boy.” It was really lame, and on top
of it all, there were 2 obnoxious boys behind us who laughed like idiots. It was so annoying! We were
gonna stay in Marysvale until Monday, (it’s Saturday) but my mom got sick. My cat Vanessa probably
has rabies. She’s so mean! Tomorrow is Easter and I’m wearing my new dress!
P.s. My knee has been hurting really bad lately! I wonder what’s wrong.

**great, not only am I a hypochondriac on behalf of my cat and dog,
I’m also one on behalf of MYSELF as well! Awesome.**

Dear Journal
My knee is still hurting and I think I have shin splints. My right leg hurts so bad! My splits and spraddles are getting better. Well, today I didn’t really do very much except watch T.V. My leg is hurtin’ real bad now. Well, it’s 12:30 a.m. I’d better go!

Dear Journal,
My leg is feeling better today, except my shins hurt at ballet class. My mom got us to ballet ½ hour
late. We had a fight. Well, after ballet I had to go straight to play practice. A boy named Brian
Kinder was flirting with me. I “go out” with him every time a play gets started and I promised myself
that I would NOT go out with him this time but now I’m really starting to like him AGAIN! Oh well, I
guess you have to go with your feelings! *Question: What happened to “I really don’t want a
boyfriend right now?” Oh, that was 8 whole days ago? I see. Carry on.* Trevor wouldn’t stop teasing
me and Brian and I got really annoyed.
P.s. I am so sick of school!

Dear Journal,
My mother is the biggest witch! She got me red, white, blue, and black beads fo my
Indian costume! What am I? A patriotic Idiot?! I WANTED to go to “The Wooden Nickle” and get blue, green, and silver beads, but NO, we had to leave because MOMMY wants to! We’ll get beads at Walmart where it’s 2X’s the price, ¼ the selection, and I can act like the cheapest person on earth! How fun, well why doesn’t she just ruin the whole play for me? Then, on top of it, it’s all MY fault that we didn’t go to Wooden Nickel. BITE ME!
P.s. Speech meet is tomorrow!

**Is it just me or is that the most terrifying pile of mood swings you’ve ever seen in your life? PrimaDonna? Moi? Nah. Bless my dear, sweet parents. Bless them. Bless them. Bless them.**


Merrilee said...

I am sorry I know I sound like a blog stalker but I love reading your blog. I laughed when I read about the Wooden Nickle. Comparing it to Walmart is hilarious-if your friends only knew what the Wooden Nickle was like. I agree that it was a fun place to visit but anyway it gave me a little chuckle this morning. Keep up the good work and tell your parents hello (I do see your mom every now and then on the Spoken Word)

Jen Nelson said...


I actually remember that!! Because I was in the same play and we were talking about our costumes. I am crying I am laughing so hard!

Oh how I heart you!!

Kristina P. said...

So, you actually used quotes and crap in your journal? I am in awe, Laura. In awe.

Aubry Macbean said...

Oh I so hope the back stabber wasn't me. But that play was in ninth grade right. By then I was so over my "I hate Laura because she is stealing my best friend phase" I am trying to remember who all was in that play. Good times :)
P.S. I so had the same mood swings. My grandma even told my mom she needed to get me checked for schitzophrenia because I was happy one minute and then yelling, crying or whininy the next.

the Lola Letters said...

Aubry: Ha ha! I didn't say who it was in my journal, I wish I had. I think I had a fear of dying and having people read my journal and having hurt feelings or something... hilarious! (and morbid)

Natalie Blackwell said...

Yes, I think you're a Patriotic Idiotic, but then again, I'm in the Motab so... "God Bless America"! Love, Your Mom :)

the Lola Letters said...

Yaaaaaay Mom! You left your first blog comment! Good for you!

Kyle wanted me to tell you that you're awesome. At least there are a couple of people on this planet who can understand what he's married into!