Saturday, January 31, 2009

saturday 1.31.2009

9:00 a.m.
wake up
make oatmeal for k.j.
turn on saturday morning cartoons
get back in bed
turn on my bedside lamp
read this: (for a whole hour, can you believe it?)
i always wanted to be a monk and live in a monastery.
(you think i'm joking, but alas, i am not)
i've wanted to be a nun for as long as i can remember
then, in 8th grade, i went on a field trip and we toured a
monastery up in northern utah where they get up at
3:30 a.m. and sing and say prayers, then harvest honey
from real beehives all day, or work in gardens...
after visiting there,
i really wanted to be monk.
really bad.
so, you can imagine how crushed i was when i found out
that there was a group of monks in upstate new york
who dedicated their time to breeding
and properly training german shepherds...
the jealousy i felt was nearly equal to that of
sea world dolphin trainers
and broadway actresses.
sheesh. what a life.
wouldn't trade mine for the world though.
totally wouldn't.
it's sure a good thing that i
wasn't born and raised catholic
(and a boy)
because i'll give you one guess as to where i would have ended up.
that's right. new skete. with the doggies.
who am i kidding?
they would have kicked me out in less than a week.
i can't be quiet for ten minutes,
let alone months on end.
oh well.
it was a nice thought anyway.
(wow, that was a huge,
totally unintended tangent, but there it is)
so, reading the dog book made me feel guilty about the fact that i haven't
taken my dogs on a walk for almost two weeks
(bad dog owner. bad.)
so i decided i would rectify that shortly.
10:00 a.m.
i pull on 6 layers of clothing, running shoes,
and a parka, and walk out into the
living room to find this:
their morning ritual with kort:
lick,lick,lick his face
then roll over and "let" him rub their tummies
for a good ten minutes.
no two dogs could be more deserving of a nice, long walk.
so i grab these:
(don't be jealous of my fleece poodle gloves, i'm sure they're at a shopko near you)
and take bella out first.
we get half way down the block, and i ease into a jog.
now, bella is a border collie/black lab mix which basically means
she is a.d.d., chalk full of energy, and smarter than i am.
she gets all excited that i've decided to run,
cuts in front of me and...
you guessed it.
lola - flying, skidding, sailing, grinding along the asphalt road.
precious zune - flying, scratching, scraping, breaking, along the asphalt road.
lucky neighbors who happen to be looking out their front windows at a very opportune time?
gasping, and then laughing perhaps?
My knee, hip, elbow, and zune are in pretty bad shape, but
i could tell that bella felt awful about it since she
(very uncharacteristically)
behaved like a saint for the rest of our walk/run.
(no i didn't quit and go home,
i'm buff and stuff, didn't you know?)
after 30 minutes, i traded bella for bubbuh and did it all again.
11:00 a.m.
come home
get ready for the day
walk into the living room to find this:

we had a little friend visiting for the day
and kort was helping him play the wii.
am i overly emotional, or would kort make
a wonderful big brother?

12:30 p.m.
wrap a birthday present
comb kort's hair
1:00 p.m.
take kort to cody's birthday party
it was a car party and he had a lot of fun.

and how cute is my friend?
her little girl is allergic to dairy,
so she couldn't eat the store bought birthday cake,
and my friend didn't want her to feel sad or left out, so she made her
a little cake of her very own and i thought it was darling!
cody got a little bashful when everyone was singing to him.
he is a very sweet boy.
1:30 p.m.
attend "sweaty chix fitness" lunch party where they
were celebrating the fact that they won a
"best of utah valley award"
(i think they got 2nd place, which is so awesome)
one of their fitness instructors catered it and it was
if you want a complete list of all of the
amazing things i devoured today,
go here. i only have pictures of some
of the deliciousness that
made up this luncheon.
everything was so. good.
and i thought it was really nice of them to invite me.
i have only been a sweaty chick for what, like, 24 hours and
i already get to come to their awesome parties?
so sweet.

oh how i love kalamata olives.
i eat them out of the jar by the spoonful.
Then i went here:
and while i was waiting in line
(for like, a whole 90 seconds)
i decided to document the fact that i was buying a bunch of
healthy stuff! (the caramellos are not for me, i swear!
they're for my visiting teaching girls. -
yes, i m one of those awesome visitng teachers
who leaves a candy bar on your doorstep on the
very last day of every month.
the girls assigned to me are so lucky...
i'm sure they can feel the love.)
then i pondered on the excitement of starting a february fitness goal
then my thoughts shifted (short attention span, i know)
to how much i love the $10 cocktail
ring i bought at "ALDO Accessories" when i was in las vegas.
it reminds me of my grammy and my mother-in-law, mary-lee.
she always lets me borrow her wonderful, old-school jewelry
and i really love her. i'm also happy that i have a little token
to remind me of the fun week i had there with good friends.
3:06 p.m.
head over to pick kort up from the party.
visit with my wonderful friends, tana and amber.
(we decided that we miss summer
and lawn chairs
and lemonade
and watching our kids slide
down man-made mud volcanoes
in our backyard.
ahhhh...those were the days...
summer, you are sorley missed.)
load kort into the car.
while we're driving home,
he asks me to open a kit kat bar
that he'd received as a party favor.
i open it and show him that
you can break it down the middle,
and then you have two.
he smiled, and the first thing he said was:
"great! i can give one of the bars to kade!"
(the cute little boy who was playing at our house all day)
he really would make a wonderful big brother eh?
i just love him so much.
3:30 p.m.
get into a super hot bath tub and read to my heart's content.
4:00 p.m.
get into bed and read some more while the boys play and
kyle visits with a friend in his office.
liza is a lovely reading companion.
6:00 p.m.
go to kyle's parents' and visit
watch an australian open tennis match
visit with marylee
watch kortland sit on grandpa jim's lap
eat a million cheetos
and watch an episode of the backyardigans that
grandpa jim has ever so thoughtfully tivo-ed for him.
(it's their "special time")
cheetos, tivo, pretty special indeed.
8:10 p.m.
come home.
put the munchkin in bed.
write this blog-a-log.
now i'm going to go fold
a mountain of laundry in my bedroom
and watch a good movie with the hubs.
hope your saturday was as wonderfully ordinary as mine.!