Thursday, January 29, 2009

just another thursday...

i was returning emails in my bed when Kort walked in and said
"Mom, can I have a snuggle with you?"
(isn't that a phrase that every mother dreams of hearing? i know i do)
i said
"of course! hop in."
he pulled off his shoes (ever so thoughtfully)
and climbed into my covers.
we snuggled in silence for a few minutes
then he said
"mom, i love you."
i fought back the tears that always seem to well up when i'm thinking:
"why. am. i. so. blessed?"
"how many more years of this do i actually have?"
and said
"i love you too bud."
then i reached for my trusty camera because i wanted to remember this moment.
with his sweet cheeks sinking into the pillow
his sparkling eyes tracing patterns along the ceiling...
but when he saw the camera, that moment was gone.
This is what i got instead.

which is just as good
(in my humble opinion)
man, it's good to be home.


Nisha said...

yeah, he still looks sweet and sparkly. what a great moment!


Those moments are the best! He is too cute!

Jessica Kettle said...

oh that is SO sweet! love this post and the pictures.

Danny loved your birthday comment, and of course I do too! haha! We should all try to get together again soon!