Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ode to Kyle.

Dear Hubs,
Remember that one time (like, way back in the day) when I got the chance to go to Miss America for a week and watch all of the fun preliminary competitions and meet up with really cool girls that I totally love, and eat at yummy restaurants and shop at fun stores where I can't afford anything that's in them but it's still really fun to look...and you said. "Wow, babe, you'd be gone for 6 days and I would really, really miss you, and it would sort of be horrible." and then I said "I know, I would miss you so much, but I really want to go to Miss America." and then you said "I think you would be really sad if you missed out, so you should go." and I said "Yaaaaay!" and I got to go have a really fun week with my friends?
Remember that?
That was awesome.
And remember how when I was in Las Vegas,
my friends and I stumbled upon a pirate ship where they
were playing music and I got to do this:
and this:
and this:
and this:
Remember that?
That was the best.
And do you remember how I called you later and told you that I danced the night away with a charming Senior Citizen who was visiting from Russia and you said:
"That's so great, babe."
Remember that?
I thought it was so cool that you didn't get jealous
and try to hunt him down and kill him.
You're so great like that.
And remember how last night, I was like
"I'm way tired and don't feel like making dinner, will you please take me to the Trolley and buy me a chicken quesadilla and a greasy pile of fresh-cut french fries?" and you said "Sure."?
Remember that?
That was awesome.
I so needed that.
And remember how last night, I was putting on make up for the first time that day and you came and sat behind me and gave me a really nice shoulder rub?
Remember that?
It felt so nice...

And remember that on the very first day we met, you said
"Do you guys want to come to institute with us? They're having a class about Celestial Marriage"
and I said
"Sure, I'm planning on having one of those some day."
to which you replied
"Me too. Why don't we just do it?"
and I said
"Okay, sure."
and then you asked me where we should go to get married and I said
"My mom and dad got married in the Salt Lake Temple, so I've always wanted to go there."
and then you said
"Mine too! That's where I've always wanted to go. Let's do it."
and then I said
And then remember how we both walked in awkward silence for a minute because we were both thinking: "Man, that would be crazy if that actually happened."? Remember that? That was cool.
Then, Remember how we got engaged 3 months later, but that I called it off because it was too sudden and I wanted to be really, REALLY sure that I made the right decision and then we broke up and I cried for 3 days, lost 18 pounds during the next 2 weeks, and almost died from Kyle withdrawals? Remember that? That was lame.
Then Remember how we got back together and it was crazy sparks and fireworks all over again and I felt like the piece of my soul that had been ripped from my body was finally back and whole and healthy again and I never wanted to let you out of my sight as long as I lived and I was really, REALLY sure that I wanted to marry you and only you really, really bad and that I only wanted to be with you for the rest of my life?
Remember that?
That was fantastic.
Then do you remember how we went here?

and that it was really rainy, but we didn't care?

And do you remember how our photographer told you to do a stupid toyota jump in the background and you really didn't want to, but you're sweet, so you humored the guy?
Remember that?
That was pretty funny.
Remember that time when our friends were like:
"Do you guys want to come to a murder mystery party?"
and we were like:
"Heck yes."
and then we went and you were a big, hunky roman solder guy and I was a promiscuous something or other?
Remember that?
That was fun.

and do you remember when we took Kort to see all of the cool animals at the Bean museum and you made a bunch of ugly faces in every picture I took?
Remember that?
I really liked that.

Remember how when we go on vacations, you're always an awesome dad who plays with his son and helps his wife and makes sure that we get everywhere we need to go safely?
Remember that?
That's the best.
Remember how, when we were dating, you would always tug on my seat belt to check
and make sure that it was buckled nice and tight?
Remember that?
I loved that.
Remember that one time, when I got home from my Miss America trip, how I cried and cried because I was so happy to see you, and because I missed you so much, and because you are the best husband in the whole wide world, and I was just so happy?
Remember that?
That's because I'm so grateful that you're mine.

Remember how we always set out to take family pictures like this:
But end up taking pictures that look more like this?
Remember that?
That's because you're hilarious.
Remember how, when we were dating, you loved "Saved By The Bell" and didn't even try to hide your passionate and abiding love for Zac and the gang? Remember how you would challenge everyone to a Saved By The Bell Trivia face off and how you would always win no matter what and no one could stump you? Remember that? I really liked that about you.

Remember this?
This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
It is hilarious, and makes me just a tich uncomfortable as well.

Remember when I first started volunteering at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter and on my very first day I came home with 65 pounds of this?
And remember how I told you that he was really sick and skinny, and that they were just
about to kill him so I had to bring him home...and you said
and then you fell in love with him, named him Bubbuh, and bought him a nice collar
and engraved tag that says "Bubbuh Dugovic" on it? Remember that?
I will love you forever for that.
Remember how after we got married and moved back from Hawaii
we decided to get pregnant with him?
Remember that?
That changed/blessed/enhanced our lives for eternity.
And remember how he was always really smart and good-looking
because his dad is so smart and good looking?
Remember that?
Well, that was just icing on the cake.
Remember when I was delivering him and I decided not to use any drugs and you thought that was awesome and just held my hand and rubbed my back and didn't say stupid things like "Just breathe" or "You can do it" or "You can still get an epidural"? Do you remember how you just stayed quiet and loved me and supported me instead? Remember that?
That was really smart of you.
Remember how, after he was born, you almost died when you had to leave for work because you couldn't stand to be away from us all day, so you ended up starting your own businesses and working from home? Remember that?
I loved that you loved him so much.
Remember how you went to Chicago on business for two full weeks and you missed us so bad that you thought you might die and then you bought Kort a big, huge, tricycle and dismantled it so you could bring it home in your suitcase and he was sooooo excited when you gave it to him? Remember that?
That was sweet.

Remember how we couldn't ever leave Kortland with a babysitter while we went on anniversary trips because we missed him so bad that we couldn't even enjoy ourselves, so we always brought him along and had a really great vacation?
Remember that?
I was glad we felt the same way.

Remember how you're the kind of dad who doesn't think he's too cool to feed, change, clothe, read to, and take care of our son?
Remember that?
I. am. so. lucky.
Remember how you hugged me and loved on me and said how much you missed me when I got back from Las Vegas and then how we stayed up until 2:00 in the morning laughing so hard that it hurt and talking about our week, and our lives, and our hilarious little boy because you're my very best friend and that's what best friends do? Remember that?
That makes me think that we're going to have a beautiful rest of our lives.


Natalie Murray said...

Laura can I just say you are awesome!!! I am soooo glad I know you!! Thank you for being you & for being an inspiration to everyone!!! Love ya!

Kristina P. said...

What a beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Who is that girl in the middle of the first picture? She's gorgeous!
So unfair.

Nisha said...

Love is in the air!

Jen Nelson said...

Totally bawling my eyes out.

Can I also profess my undying love for Kyle?

I am so happy the two of you met and fell in love. Our family would not be complete without Kyle and Kort.

Remember when I was single and didn't think I would have a celestial marriage and we decided I would become your sister/cousin-wife? Remember that? That would have been pretty sweet.

Favorite Saved By The Bell clip. Ever.

Love you guys!

Celeste said...

holy crow, I love Kyle too & I've only met him once. LOVE. three cheers for this post. best ever.

Aubry Macbean said...

I remember when I met Kyle for the first time I thought he was who you were going to marry. I also remember I was on vacation when you first got engaged. You had left me a message saying I needed to call you because you had some news for me. When I tried calling you you didn't answer and for some odd reason I had Kyles cell phone so I called him thinking that you'd be with him. What I didn't know was that you had broken off the engagement. He didn't mention any of that he just said that you were not with him. He didn't sound bitter or akward so I didn't know until I finally got a hold of you. Ha Ha. If you hadn't married him I would probably still feel bad about that. Now I just think it is funny. You two are such a cute couple and so perfect for one another.

Natasha Ireland said...

Natasha reading this post goes a lil' something like this:
Ooooh this is cute, what is she saying about Kyle. ... oh cute pics....oh that was nice.... oooh what a sweet wife. haha I remember that dinner party night (CAN WE PLEASE DO THAT AGAIN REAL SOON) I loved that.... Oooh Awww Oh no...going from smiling to crying...too sweet. OK I'm crying now, This is such a sweet post. Kyle is SO SO FAB. We wish we saw you guys more. Love u guys.

Ashley said...

So happy that you have the perfect husband for YOU! =) You two are great!... and Kort is pretty great too! ;)

Kristen said...

hi babe! k, that was an entertaining and uber sweet (and long but i love you so i read the whole thing) post.
anyway, i had to comment on a few things..
1. i love that restaurant too! it's such a fun place! jen bird took me there when she was living in st. george. i love how they have random things like vegetables and ranch served on a cute little plate. very fun and soo yummy! i love LOVE the cupcakes! even though i could make an entire batch for what they charge for one..lol! i don't care! i love it!
2. i loved the obama girls outfits too! they are from j crew's childrens line.. don't even go there, it's sooooo out of my price range and i end up being bitter that my kids can't have the entire line. i did get gracie's holiday dress there though.. i had to splurge... it was Christmas!
3. i love how the prayers were totally read, like a speech.. i think i might do that next time at church, it would be so inspiring. :)
4. um, i love you!

Kirsten said...


Jenna Marie said...

That had to be the sweetest post ever. I loved it! And I don't even know your husband at all. :) You're so awesome...

And- That's my favorite Saved by the Bell clip too! :)

Heather said...

That is really a wonderful tribute! You are such a talented writer, Laura!

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, this is just about the bestest, sweetest "odes" ever. :)