Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gas Station Shopping Spree. OF COURSE I got you something...

I love random/ghetto/po-dunk gas stations in the middle of nowhere on the way to St. George! I really, really do. Jen, Wees, and I had a really great time shopping around after we filled up the tank and went potty and such. I decided that I would get something for each and every one of you out there. So here you go.
For my g.i.r.l.s.
I thought these were jeee-ust divine.
You I got each of you your favorite colors.
They were only $5.99 - how could I resist?

(Thank you to my lovely models.)
For my Nieces, teeny bopper cousins, and Celeste, Jessica (my new friend),
Kristina, Janyece, and Lisa: Hannah Montana trading cards.
I know, you're welcome. Worry not. You can have a bracelet too.
Just pick out your favorite color and imagine that you're wearing it
any time you need a little pick me up.
for dad:

That Jen is such a rebel.
The Granny B's Cookie (a.k.a. dieter's devil in a bag)
is for everyone who has already ruined their
New Year's Resolutions to eat right and get in shape.
(C'mon. You know you want one...)
I'm not really sure who this is for.
I just really liked the face Wees made when she held it up...
For the Britney fans:

For Trevor:
For Mary Lee:
Sorry folks, this one is for me:
(If you've seen my car, you know why...)
Sorry, these are for me too,
but I'm a pretty good sharer.
and to top it all off...
lunch is on me!
take your pick.
I, myself will be having a chicken and cheese crispito
with a side of jalapeno poppers...
You're welcome.


Celeste said...

ohhh! for me?! Thanks so much. I always wanted to be a trading card nerd, I just never found the right type of card, but clearly you know me better than myself. it's a perfect fit & I know my collection will kick your collection's booty!

Janyece said...

Aww... You are too kind.

Go, Jen! Be rebellious!

Jen Nelson said...

Hee hee! I feel like such a bad girl!

Seriously - who could resist a tiny fake, sleeping cat on a ghetto plaid pillow with gold tassels? That's right. I didn't think so.

My face still hurts from laughing...

Ashley Koz said...

I love random gas stations in BFE. Looks like I totally missed out DANGIT. Lets do it again for my sake yo