Thursday, January 8, 2009

random thoughts - by lola lee lou lou

My kid has developed an amazing new face
used specifically and only while playing Wii Boxing
Here it is, in all its glory.

A fly that has miraculously survived this harsh winter thus far
made an appearance in our living room today. It was the highlight
of Bella's day. She played and played and played with it.
Then she ate it.

Bubbuh is a wonderful blogging companion.

I still really, really, miss Mister Binx.
and I wish that I had more pictures of him.
You know what they say,
"Only the good die young."
Translation: Liza the Cat is going to live forever.
She is one nasty mamma jamma.

I really miss the toddler days...
(don't get me wrong, lovin' the kindergartener days)
I just wish I could kiss those plump cheeks again.
Oh and the butterfly kisses...
don't even get me started on the butterfly kisses...
As you can clearly see, he was extremely
well-equipped for butterfly kisses.


Why does Daniel Craig have to go and ruin my pristine visions of this:

With stuff like this:

and my mom (front/right)
not the cutest thing ever?
I know, right?

I told you it was Random.


Aubry Macbean said...

Kort is too cute. I remember the old school whitch mountian movies. The new one looks cool. I would so go see it.

Nisha said...

That is THE SICKEST picture of Nicole Richie I've ever seen, maybe the sickest picture I've ever seen period. YUCK!!!!

Malolo Family said...

ya I see your mom on there every now and then, I think its kinda cool to see someone I know!

I tried to email you back, but as soon as I sent the email, I noticed it was a no-reply address, so sorry it took me a while to talk back to ya!
It was fun to hear from you though,
your blog is so fun to read and look at, I added you to mine, I hope you don't mind!

Jen Nelson said...

I love random posts! That face Kort makes is too cute!

I miss Binx too! :(

Those cheeks were so perfect for smooching!! And yikes those eyelashes are gorgeous!

I'll start doing drugs but I don't know if I can commit to the anorexic thing... I guess if it means getting a healthy baby!! Then I'm all for it! I'll start right after lunch.

Why did you have to post that pic of Daniel Craig. Sad.

I love your mommy!

Ashley Koz said...

lol love this blog, I swear all guys have a "video game face"