Wednesday, December 10, 2008

St. George Trip in a Nutshell. (a really really BIG nutshell)

Here's a day-to-day blow-by-blow of our delightful St. George weekend (with a slight "bummer" of an ending ;)


4:00 Arrived in St. George.
4:30 Took Kort swimming
(only to find that the indoor pool's heater had broken and it was FREEZING!)
So, we swam in the hot tub for 30 minutes and headed back to the house!
5:00 Got some dinner.

7:00 Put the munchkin down for bed,
turned on the telly and found that Soap Net
was playing back to back episodes of the old 90210 - SCORE!

9:00- Blogstalked for a bit, and turned in for the night.
(who even says that? honestly...)


8:30 woke up to "The Sound of Music Jig."

2:00 Took MaryLee to Laverkin
(dude, I have OFFICIALLY, TOTALLY been to Laverkin! Jealous? Yeah, I know-)
to see my cute niece Brittney's new little baby.
He was such a doll, and, as always, it was fun to hold a fresh,
new little guy and chat with the people I love.

4 generations: Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, and Son.

The jammies he is wearing in these pictures are
"the yellow jammies" that every single one of Jim and MaryLee's grandchildren
have worn shortly after being born...except for Kort... they were serving a mission
in North Carolin when he was born, and everyone just kinda forgot to do it!
(ooops, leave it to me and my kid to obliterate a sacred family tradition!)

Britt's husband, Paul, was the cutest new dad ever!
He is so enamored with that little guy, (and rightly so)
and I thought that was really sweet. They are such a cute little family.

We were planning on attending church with my brother, but found out that my Grammy had fallen ill and had to be admitted at the Mesquite Hospital (she had cancer like, 30 years ago, and the radiation treatment they gave her completely burned up and destroyed her intestinal system and she has had problems ever since.) So, we decided that we would rather spend our Sunday "visiting the sick" this week. We left Kort with Kyle's parents, drove to Mesquite, and had a wonderful time visiting with Grammy and Papa. She was doing a bit better and was waiting to be released later that day, so that was good. I sure wish she could feel better for good. It's just awful to see the pain and discomfort she endures. She is such a sweet, kind, and wonderful person. I love them both so much and it was a treat to get the chance to see them (even if it was under crummy circumstances). I took this pic on the drive home. It doesn't even come close to capturing the beauty of the gorge that separates Mesquite from St. George, but I sort of took this as an afterthought.


12:00 Visited the Historic Brigham Young Summer Home!
Kyle's dad really wanted to see it, so we figured we'd all go to pass the time.
It was really fun.
The side of the home.

This is what Kort looked like when we first got there:

And this is what he looked like two minutes into the presentation:
not so chipper.

So, we left the group and did this instead:


reading "do not enter" signs and thinking about obeying them...

still thinking about it...


a little something for my "dream home memory bank"
I love tree-lined walk ways... ahhhh lovely.
Picking Cotton in their tiny cotton garden and vineyard:

Like mother:

Like Son:

Once they were done with the "sit and listen" part of the tour, we joined our little group and went through the house. I LOVED this piano. Hey babe, "all I want for Christmas"...k? (Okay, more like: "yet another image to store in the someday dream home memory bank")

I thought this dish was really cool! They poured boiling water into the spout that lead to a hollow spot beneath the plate which helped keep the food really warm! Genius! (Okay, maybe I'm a bit easy to please, but I thought that was really neat.)


Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha!

Love it.

Vacancy huh? I guess there's always room for one (or 2 or 3) more!

2:oo went to D.I (I heart D.I!)
I found two of the cutest pairs shoes there (which, I never find/buy shoes there, but these were too crazy good to pass up.) They were brand new, and so exactly what I had been looking for! Here's Kortland making a mockery of my shoe enthusiasm.

D.I. always has the best t-shirts!
Can it get any better than this one?

I didn't actually buy this one, but now I'm regretting it. I never have "buyers remorse" but I sure seem to have a lot of "non-buyers" remorse! This little number would make for my best give-away yet no? Man, I should try to go back and get it!

We love the family reunion t-shirts,

and I COULD NOT pass this one up, so if it's the only thing you see me wearing for the next couple of weeks, well sorry, it's completely awesome!
Photography by Kortland:

3:00 Off to Chuck-a-Rama's (Jim's FAVORITE)
I thought these pics were funny!
Like father:

Like son:

4:30 Took Bryan's family pictures! Oh Jack, Jack, Jack... does it get any cuter than Jack? I think not.


8:00 cleaned
9:00 packed
10:00 cleaned
11:00 packed
12:00 cleaned
1:00 packed
1:30 ate a bite of lunch
2:00 packed
3:00 loaded the van and headed out
4:00 got to Brittney's to pick up MaryLee
(who had been helping with the baby all day)
4:10 Kort is playing with Britt and Paul's DARLING dogs and they jump up on his lap while he's sitting on the chaise, and Kort says:
"Mom, look!"

Me: "That's great buddy!"

Kort: "I think you'd better go get your camera."

Ahhhh ha ha ha ha!

He usually HATES having his picture taken (probably because I do it all the time...way too much.) so it was so funny that he suggested it. He was really pleased with the fact that these cute little dogs had taken to him so well!

Ha ha! What a poser!
4:30 head out of Laverkin
4:45 get back to the freeway
5:00 have a hose blow on the van and breakdown on the side of the road!
5:15 wait for tow truck
5:30 wait for tow truck
5:45 wait for tow truck

(aren't Grandpa Jim and Kort so zen?)
5:47 (or so) tow truck is here!

Kortland was so excited to be riding in a tow truck, I thought he was going to literally explode on a few seperate occaisions. In his opinion, this was the best thing that could have ever happened to us!

So, here we are... still in St. George! At least we're really blessed to have a home (or 2) to come stay in while we wait for the van to get fixed! There's that...)

So... happy vacation to us!

(I think this may qualify as my 3rd or 4th longest "picture post" ever...what do ya think?... yikes!)


Janyece said...

Memories! James and I were married in the St. George temple and had our wedding pictures taken at the Brigham Young summer home! Fun!

It sounds like a crazy trip!

nancy said...

I think your "nutshell" perspective is HUGE. How big is your nut? and Really? At the Brigham Young house....picking the cotton? You know that those are ORIGINAL plants that Brigham himself planted over 100 years ago. Wow and taking pictures as photographic evidence defacing a national treasure, lets go write our names on the Statue of Liberty too....... J.K. or Duh... or how about I LOVE YOU!!!!

Matt said...

Sounds like so much fun! I heart st. george & you & I need to go play one day soon. Maybe January? I'm serious. We HAVE to hang out soon! Oh, I also have an affinity for tree-lined walkways & want to show you the ultimate one ever! When we went to New Orleans last March we toured all these plantations... anyway. go here:
it's the second picture down, that place was UNBELIEVABLE.

Heather said...

I love buying shoes at the DI! I bought 3 pair for myself last time I was there- I can never find kids' shoes there, but women's shoes? Tons!! Looks like an awesome weekend!

Beau, Mel, Laila and Cain!!!! said...

So fun! Yeah the DI is the best. I bought Lai's bike for $5. You can hardly eat for five dollars. Many more things come from the DI. The best is the t-shirts. I found one that I have never forgot and had buyers remorse. It had a fam pic printed on it!!! NOt my fam, but it would have been classic!!

Ashley Koz said...

so when are we having a girls SG weekend?