Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the 12th day of Christmas, my favorite thing would be...

It snowed! Yay! And it just so happens that I have the best snow story to go with this amazing snow day! So, I drove (in the blinding, blizzard-i-ness) to the
Springville Reams grocery store
to pick up a bunch of groceries (we haven't shopped since we got back from St. George). When I left the store and jogged to my car, there was a Reams employee waiting in the parking lot who quickly loaded my bags into the car and then proceeded to scrape the snow from my windows! Are you kidding me? How fabulous is that? Forget Walmart baby, I'm a Reams girl for life! Seriously, another inch of snow had layered my entire car by the time I had finished shopping and it was fr-fr-fr-freezing! I can't speak for any other Reams-es in other areas, but the Springville reams is officially WONDERFUL in my book! (Oh, and to top it all off, they actually had enough people working the registers so as to not make me wait in line for 20 some odd minutes! I walked right up to an open cashier! Love it!) Go on wit yo bad self Springville Reams! (yeah, if you don't want to hear a white, mini-van driving mommy coin terms such as "go on wit yo bad self"...I'd highly recommend reading a different blog. ;) Okay, no don't! Stay here, I'll tone it down I promise. I'll even limit my use of the term "the bomb dot com" to just 6 times a week, kay? What? 3? Fine. You win, blogfriends. You win.
Merry Christmas!
Stay tuned for Christmas Extravaganza (a.k.a. more 12 days of Christmas, infomercial nostalgia, toy reviews and much, much, more!)


Kristina P. said...

Oh my goodness! I have so many memories of the Reams grocery store. That's where I shopped when I lived in Springville. No ghetto Allens for us. Reams all the way, and their super hot jeans.

Nisha said...

Reams is one of the great things about Springville. I don't even know where the closest Reams is to me now....not close enough to go :( Maybe someday Eagle Mountain will have a nice friendly neighborhood grocer.

Ashley Koz said...

hmmm, I may have to try them out, I've been wanting to get away from the super wally world, how are their prices?

Dugovic Domain said...

They're actually really good! I have even found, on numerous occasions, that their prices are lower. i.e. I bought a small crate of strawberries at Walmart for $3.00 and then stopped by Reams to buy meat (because the "meat" in Walmart's "deli" probably got slaughtered in china 2 1/2 years ago before being rolled in chemical preservatives and shipped over on a hot boat!...ha ha!)and I saw that they had the small crates of strawberries for 5 for $5. Are you kidding me? I was so mad! (at Walmart, that is) I bought them anyway, cause we all love strawberries. And, (as I mentioned oh here a while ago) Reams also did a special on blueberries and raspberries (2 for $3.00) and I lived in oatmeal bliss for WEEKS! Yay Reams! Oh, and the produce guy is AWESOME and friendly and helpful. It really is a delightful neighborhood market all the way around...but today was just ridiculous dude! Loading my groceries and scraping my windows...? I'm in love.

Kristina - I know, it's all about the jeans baby!

Nisha - I know, at least Eagle Mountain is totally cute. I'll talk to me Reams people about expanding your way ;)

Anonymous said...

Laz is such a pretty dog. I need to come meet him! I love that second photo of him.
And I second that Yay snow theme. I forsee me on a snowboard asap!