Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Blackwell Family's Christmas Eve Gift Exchange

After an amazing dinner (thanks mom) we all gathered in the living room for our gift exchange. We drew names (as is our usual custom) but decided that this year we really just wanted to do gag gifts. (which, is what we basically do every year, only this year we made it a rule.) Kort was not part of the gift exchange (because everyone got him presents) but I just wanted to post some cute shots of him opening some board games that gaga gave to him.
Remember the Christmas Nostalgia I mentioned in an earlier post...?
I know, right?
Can't get more nostalgia-ish than
Chutes and Ladders
board games!
Gift Exchange:
Kyle had Bryan:
Don't ask me what this is, because I have no idea!
It was just too good to pass up!
We came to the conclusion that this is either
a high school choir group t-shirt
a "Flatt Family Reunion" t--shirt.
Either way, completely gorgeous/amazing/fantastic.
Cristi had Mom
Magnets of Jack making seriously hilarious faces.
I don't think that anything could have tickled her more...
Okay, well there was one thing
but I'm not telling till the end of the post ;)
I had Dad:
He got a book and a book on CD...
I know, bor-ing, but I wasn't 100% certain that he
would give an "I'm with the 4th Flatt" t-shirt the sort of wear and tear
it is so clearly worthy of getting...
He's a darn good lil' reader though,
so I figured the books would be a safe bet.
Mom had Cristi:
80's fabulous earrings from "Forever 21"
and a framed family pic.
Dad had me:
translation: mom had me...
translation: I got exactly the same things as Cristi did.
translation: I don't have anything to put here, but
it just seemed like 3 (and not 2) translations would really put the clincher
on the little theme I had going here.
Gift receiver not pictured...because she was taking the picture.
(You're moms, you know how that goes.)
Bryan had Trevor:
So Trevor got an 8x10 picture of Bryan wearing a helmet (for reasons that are, as of yet, unexplained) in the cheapest frame that Walmart has to offer, and that weather/sports/newscaster guy got a cameo on The Lola Letters Blog. You're welcome guy. Merry Christmas.
Trevor had Kyle:
(who was instructed to close his eyes)
drum roll please...
Festivus Pole Baby!
I believe these pictures sum up Kyle's feelings quite well.
love love love
(Blue Steel baby...or is this Magnum...Letigra perhaps?)
Oh, and he also got a framed picture of Trevor
(which now holds a place of
honor and importance
on our living room mantle)
The film strip along the bottom has a scene for every season.
Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall - ha ha!
I wish Trevor had me or Kyle EVERY year.
Neither of us "drew" Trevor, but he's just so fun to get presents for...
so we bought him stuff anyway.
You've been "Schooled" baby!
Find of the Season!
Trev thinks these "Wolf/Indian/Utah" shirts are
but he hasn't been able to find one.
(wait, let me clarify, he hasn't been able
to find one that's selling for less 24.95 and located
somewhere other than the gas stations between Payson and Beaver!)
Well, we found one baby, and it is H.O.T
...and now for the best idea ever!
Bry and Cristi went and got an early ultra sound done in St. George, but they didn't find out the sex. They gave the ultrasound tech a blue blanket, a pink blanket, and a box, and asked her to put the pink blanket in the box if it was a girl and the blue blanket if it was a boy. She then put the other blanket in a large envelope (so they couldn't see either one) and sent them on their way. I have NO IDEA as to how Cristi kept herself from peeking (I get the feeling that it has something to do with her being inherently awesome, but maybe that's just me...)but it was SO MUCH FUN to watch them find out what they were having on Christmas Eve!
Just about to open it.
It's a G.I.R.L.!
Sorry, it's blurry, but it's the magical
"capture the moment action shot"
so, blurry or not, it had to be in here!
(Okay, Bryan is admittedly being mildly mock-ish
because I was taking 300 bajillion pics)
Looking at ultrasound pics.
Seriously, so fun. It was an awesome way to end the night.
I can't believe we're finally gonna get a girl on the Blackwell side!
Gaga was say the least.
I hope dad (AND Bryan, for that matter) is ready to go bankrupt,
because that's officially inevitable!


Janyece said...

That is so awesome! Please pass on my congrats to Bryan! It sounds like you guys have way too much fun on Christmas Eve!

Vickie said...

Your family looks so good. It's fun to see them. I'm excited for Bryan and his wife. That was such a good idea with what they did to find out what they're having. Looks like you had a good Christmas.

the Lola Letters said...

Janyece - Thanks, I totally will1

Vickie - I'm glad you checked in! I need your email or something so I can write back to you! Leave it on here, or email me at! (hopefully you check this again!)

Jen Nelson said...

Question: Could I love your family anymore?
Answer: No!!

So excited for the baby girl!!

I so want in on next year's drawing! A Festivus pole? Are you kidding me!!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah i love the presents that Trevor gives!! he's a riot!!! and what an adorable way to tell Bryan that they're having a girl!!! AWESOME!!!