Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yay Jen!

My cousin Jen ran her first 5k ever a few weeks ago (I know I know - kinda been vacationing and being a big bloggy-loser...tell me about it.) and I was so stinking proud of her! Her running buddy totally got sick and had to back out of running with her, but did that stop her? no. Then an ever-lovin blizzard showed up and dumped on us all morning, but did that stop her? no. and she even managed to be lovely and colorful while doing it. She's a pimp, what more can I say?

a quick glamour shot before the race

giving the nephew a little love

getting her number taken at the finish line

yay Jen! (and yay bright blue running pants man as well...go you!)

A little more love for the KJ


Ashley said...

Go Jen! So proud of you! See--- you do have things to blog about! Create a blog already!!!

Jen Nelson said...

OK, OK, proof that I DO need to start a blog. Luckily I have an awesome cousin that is my photographer AND blogger!

Thanks again Laura for coming! It was so great having someone at the finish line for me! I'm hiring you for all my events ;)