Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ever since we adopted Bella on July 5th, I have wanted to become more involved in helping other animals find forever homes. I think I would even like to start and run my own rescue someday. But, for now, I had an idea as to how I can help. I am volunteering with the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork (I start on Friday) and I am pumped! I told them that I would be willing to help with whatever they needed during my volunteer hours (poop scooping, dog bathing...etc) but that I would also like to start photographing the animals and helping to post their web-listings. They currently just take a quick snapshot of the dogs when they are brought in and many of the dogs have "cujo" eyes in their pictures due to the flash. If you look back to my older blogs, I posted the picture I found online of Bella and it is so cute! Her eyes are sparkling and playful, and I knew at a glance that she belonged with our family. I am hoping I can do the same thing for the dogs at SUVAS. As a volunteer, I can take the time necessary to get great shots of all of the dogs that come in to the facility. Time that the current workers DO NOT have to spend on canine photo shoots! ha ha! They are such a great facility. Clean, friendly, orderly...totally nice - I am really looking forward to working with them. Wish me luck! ;)


Jen Nelson said...

How stinking cute are you?? Seriously, I {heart} all your guts!
When we buy/build our family compound we will have to include space for the animal resuce ;)
Hope to see you soon!


Ashley said...

That'll be fun and of course you will take the most FABULOUS pictures of those doggies! ;)