Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedding Ya'll

Drew and Merchelle
I know this seems like a lot of pictures, but I'm only posting about 1/4th of what I took at the wedding - sorta camera happy that day. I made them all small so they wouldn't take up too much space, so just click on any picture to enlarge.
Married August 2, 2008
Salt Lake Temple
with reception immediately following in the
Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Kyle and Kort at the JSM building.
He was being a statue on the building.

He posed like this all on his own, it was ridiculous.
That tux made him a little GQ-nutty
My hubby is such a stud, and my cousin Jen is hot!
Pinky UP! boy, have I taught you nothing?
Dude, I love my family!

Jackson Blackwell: The boy of a million faces

Kid Plate
My delicious salad.

The Mullet Brotherhood

...and yes, those are, in fact, stair steps
..and yes, a really cute blonde friend of Rachelle's actually wanted to go out with Trevor (center, in the glasses) after meeting him at the reception... which officially makes her the coolest hot girl I have ever encountered in the entirety of my life...)

Kyle and Trevor had a small commitment ceremony following Drew's wedding ceremony. It was very touching.

Group Pictures

I love these shots

We tried to get Kort to look at the photographer, but he was completely obsessed with making Jack laugh. It was sweet. We finally got Kort on the last shot. Man, tired kids and a hectic day do not equal "good time for family pictures"!

Lookin for worms

This is my post wedding face.


Jen Nelson said...

Ha ha ha! I am laughing my guts out over mine and Leif's picture! It turned out perfect! Thanks for sharing!



Ashley said...

What great pics! Love your hair cut with all the bangs by the way! So cute! Trevor's hair on the other hand... haha too funny! Kort looks like such a little stud. fun fun. =)

Celeste said...

dude, is your hair ever not HOT? Who does it? Freaking gorgeous bride, also! Fun day. Kort is getting so big, what a little stud! Love you!

Nikki said...

looks like such a beautiful wedding! Kort is such a doll!

Heather Ryan said...

That's the cutest little statue we've ever seen! Awesome pictures, Laura!

Chris, Carly & Coen!! said...

ah the pictures are gorgeous... minus the goofy ones of Aaron... bwahahaha quite bug eyed... i love the mullets!! heard Andrew wanted one too... hahahaha

Ashley said...

I love your bangs, they are so cute!