Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dear Bella,

 photo P1830065.jpg Remember that one time when I decided that I couldn't handle that my baby {and only child at the time} was going off to kindergarten....and so I decided that I needed a dog...and so I researched breeds for months, and obsessed over the decision, and started looking online for a rescue dog, and then, I took one look at a picture of you, and instantly knew that you were mine and I was yours?

{Of course you don't. You were just sitting  in a cage at the animal shelter and had no idea that someone had posted photos of you on the interwebs... sans your consent, I might add.}

BUT, do you remember when I came to the shelter to get you, and you saw me through your little cage bars for the first time, and the shelter people said I should take you for a walk around the grounds to see if we were a good "fit"?

That was a reasonable suggestion.

And remember how you tore around the shelter grounds like a bat out of you-know-where, and how the leash-handle ripped up the skin on my palm, and how the hubs looked at me and said
"Are you SURE that THIS is the dog you want? Do you maybe want to 'meet' some other dogs instead?"
 and remember how I was like "NOPE. She is mine and I am hers."? Do you remember when I decided to bring you home, even though I was pretty sure you were bat-poo crazy?

That was an awesome decision on my part.

And remember how we brought you home and how you loved Kortland, and the backyard, and being allowed to be in the house with us all the time?

I loved that you loved it. We loved it too.

And remember how we made you sleep in a crate at night, and how you really hated it, and didn't want to go in each night, but you were so sweet, and completely obedient, that you did it anyway?

We really loved that about you.

And remember how we decided that we wanted to be closer to you, so we got rid of the crate and let you sleep in our room instead?

I'm so glad we did that. It helps me have less regrets now.
Remember how, early on, you showed us that you had a natural talent for photo-bombing?
Yeah, it was super-fun to go through pictures later on and realize just how ninja-like you were.
You were a bona-fide stealth-photo-bomber-extraordinaire. 

 photo P1750607.jpg photo P1750609.jpg
 photo P1750614.jpg
{photo-bombing Jordan's Halloween photoshoot}

  photo P1760609.jpg
 photo P1760610.jpg {Photo-bombing Kortland and Jordan's cuddle-time}
 photo BellaandBubbuh.jpg
Remember the time I spent HOURS baking a multi-layered birthday cake for Kortland's birthday party that was to be help the very next morning? And remember how, just before midnight, I left the room for a few minutes and came back into the kitchen to find you with both of your front paws up on the counter, head tilted to one side, eating a gigantic hole in the side of said birthday cake?

Yeah, that was so not cool, Bella Roo.

Remember how I literally spanked your bottom, got into bed, threw the covers over my head and cried for a good 15 minutes? Then, remember how I was up half the night crying and RE-baking a birthday cake for tomorrow's party, and you sat on the tile floor next to my feet feeling sorry...but not that sorry?

Well, at least you tried to feel bad. I have a hard time feeling bad about devouring treats too. {Even if they're somebody else's. Just ask the hubs.}

Remember how family pictures were an absolute nightmare because you were the spaz-queen of the universe, and you went absolute crazy-pants-McGee whenever we took you out and about?

I'm grateful that we made ourselves crazy doing them anyway.

Happy Father's Day to this guy. We couldn't ask for a better daddy. #iwouldhave10babieswithyou #ormore #ilikeyoualot photo 10442542_10152959784513957_3129830757924467035_n.jpg
{Note my death grip on a Bella who is ready to POUNCE!}

Remember how you loved Kortland and Tennyson more than anything, and how you were their little shadow? And remember how you loved the neighbor kids, and every visitor that ever visited, and how you would follow the boys around in the backyard for hours, feeling so content at being "one of the gang"?

That was awesome.

Remember how, whenever Tennyson had a PB&J sandwich, you would follow him anywhere he woud go? And remember how he thought that this was the funniest thing in the world, and would run around and around in circles, laughing hysterically as you followed just a few steps behind?

Yeah, me too. It was one of my favorite things in the world. 

 photo P1650963.jpg

 photo P1860136.jpg

  photo P1860137.jpg

Remember how you loved everyone so much, that you tried to french-kiss every unsuspecting person you came into contact with? And remember how you are like a french-kissing-ninja, and, as such, succeeded in your mission MOST of the time?

Yeah, lots of our friends remember that too.
One doesn't easily forget their first make out sesh with a dog.

 photo P1710906.jpg

Remember how you thought you were a teacup poodle, so you always tried to climb up into people's laps?

 photo P1710910.jpg photo P1710899.jpg photo P1710898.jpg Yeah, you were about 50 lbs away from your "goal weight" of 4 lbs, but your attempts at chihuahua-ness were always good for a laugh.

And remember how you LOVED Grandpa Jim? And remember how happy you always were when he would come and babysit you for a spell?

Yeah...that was the coolest.
I'm pretty sure he loved you too.

Remember how, through years of commitment and dedicated practice, you became the  
world's best photo-bombing dog?

I am so happy that photo-bombing was your thing.
Now we have lots of pictures to remember you by.

Enjoying a quiet moment in my dark living room with sweet #bubbuh at my feet, when an innocent picture taking whim took a turn for the terrifying. #bella took her already-expert photo bombing to an entirely new level on this one.
#zombieapocalypsedog photo 10534689_10153087961733957_83915636293855741_n.jpg
{Zombie-Apocalypse Bella. Taking photo-bombing to a whole new level.}

    photo P1890768.jpg    photo P1860121.jpg  photo P1860107.jpg  photo P1860104.jpg {Well-played, Bella. Well played indeed.}

Remember that one time when you swept into our lives, captured all of our hearts, made us laugh, made us smile, got sick, and then left us MUCH too soon?

Yeah, that part totally sucked.

You left a hole in this little family, and the reality of the loss is still sinking in.

I think we humans often wonder:


 photo P1740775.jpg   photo P1740774.jpg 
Call me crazy, But I'd do it all over again.
Knowing you was worth all the pain that came when you left us.
Thanks for all of the good times, Bella-Roo.
You certainly didn't disappoint.

Yer mom.  photo LOVE.jpg