Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear Egg Nog,

We would drink you on a train,
We would drink you in the rain,
In a trough mixed with pig slop,
Even on a counter top!
On a couch or in a chair,
In pants, or just plain underwear!

{And for you, we'll even SHARE.}

We hate that you're a seasonal slog,
We do not like it, dear egg nog!


We would drink you in September,
in October, in November!

We'd chug you in the summer heat,
We'd sip you in the freezing sleet.

We'd drink in spring when flowers pop up,
We're always game to have a cup!


So, dear egg nog, here's our plea:
After Christmas, please don't flee!

We'll drink you for a resolution, 
and to celebrate the constitution.

We'll drink you in the name of love,
toast leprechauns and  turtle doves.

We'll drink you with the Easter Bunny,
We'll drink you when the sun is sunny.

We'll drink you during any season...
Heck! We'll drink you for no reason!

and Tennyson


Nisa said...

I love it! Xander would be right there with them. Ethan, not so much. :D

Heather said...

I have a homemade egg nog recipe if you like, then you can drink it all year!! Cute, cute post. :)

KathyS said...

My kids used to love it so much that we would put some in the freezer to save for later. Be sure to pour a little out before freezing so it doesn't expand and burst the carton.

Karen Deborah said...

so cute! make some homemade or just a vanilla shake with some Christmas spices and vanilla. How about liquid custard?
LOVE the poem and the pics your family is growing up!

lolly said...

totally going to miss egg nog cookies to... and egg nog pancakes... etc etc... i cant really drink it since im lactose but great substitue in recipes!

Aubry Macbean said...

I love your post. Brian and Ethan feel the same way. I will drink my homemade when I make it but love to add the store bought kind to recipes too. It will be missed.

Paula said...

Cute poem! Cute pix! I have an annual contest with my son. Whoever gets the first holiday eggnog from the store calls and says "Guess what I'm drinking?" Then you slurp and smack your lips. I was the winner for 2011. (But I lost in 2010 and 2009.)

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! They are so cute. I bought some this year and Kaish hated it.